La Fontaine de Jouvence, 155x115cm canvas


Airbrush, acrylics, and gold leaf on handcrafted canvas


The Fountain of Jouvence, also called the Fountain of Life or Fountain of Immortality, is a symbol of immortality or perpetual reunion. This mythical fountain seems to derive from biblical and classical mythology, and evokes the notions of purification and regeneration.

The fountain of Jouvence is a well-known source for restoring the youth of quiconque boit or se baigne dans ses eaux. The accounts of such a fountain have been recounted throughout the world for thousands of years, appearing in the writings of Herodotus (and century av. J.-C.), the novel of Alexander (iiie century) and les histoires du Prêtre Jean ( Croisade, xie et xiie siècles). Similar stories were similarly prominent among the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean in the course of the Age of Discovery (early twentieth century), which refers to the repairing powers of water in the mythical land of Bimini.

The legend is particularly important in the twentieth century, when it was attached to Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León, former governor of Puerto Rico. According to an apocryphal combination of elements of the New World and Eurasia, Ponce de Leon searches for the fountain of Jouvence when he returns to what is today Florida in 1513, but it is a myth. The legend says that Ponce de León was informed by the Americans that the fountain of Jouvence was in Bimini and that it could restore the youth to import which.
– The handmade canvas will be carefully packed in silk paper, bubble wrap and delivered or sent in a cardboard box.

-The frame is handcrafted, and the canvas is stretched by the artist.
-Depending on your monitor settings, the color may look different on the screen.
-Artwork available for display and sale at Cheveu, Scheelegatan 4, Stockholm in 2022

© 2017 Alex Colard Art
All art belongs to the artist Alex Colard and may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 115 × 155 × 4 cm


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