Enūma Eliš 17


The Babylonian Myth of creation.


Colard’s artistry blends personal experiences, architectural background, and a fascination for ancient civilizations. Using computer sculpture and painting, he creates a complex fusion of minimalist and conceptual art.

Starting in 2020, this collection explores perspective as a central theme, juxtaposing abstract geometry with contemporary spiritualism. Inspired by his mother’s passing at age ten, Colard’s travels to places like Teotihuacan in Mexico, Mysore in India, and Borobudur in Java, have deeply influenced his work. He draws from diverse cultures, textiles, stones, and lights, expressing his dream of urban planning.

Influenced by Frank Stella’s sculptures, Sol LeWitt’s distorted cubes, and Pierre Soulages’ outre-noir concept, Colard creates monumental structures above cities, representing clouds, machines, and spiritual entities. Referencing the Babylonian myth of creation, his work blends primitive urban shapes with a timeless quality.

Colard employs airbrushing, innovative paints, and contrasts like matte blackest black against glossy acrylic to convey themes of loss and lost civilizations. His palette includes beige, camel, and sand tones, as well as ultra-modern white that reflects 98% of sunlight.

Colard’s meticulous craftsmanship involves cutting, gluing, stapling, and stretching canvases. He inherits his carving skills and perspective techniques from his grandfather, cherishing tradition and family legacy.

Colard’s art remains a testament to his ongoing exploration of art history and humanity. He incorporates 3D techniques, framing methods, oil painting, and Augmented Reality (AR) to continue evolving his artistic journey.

– The canvas will be carefully packed in bubble wrap and delivered or sent in a cardboard box.

-Depending on your monitor settings, the color may look different on the screen.

© 2017 Alex Colard Art
All art belongs to the artist Alex Colard and may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form.

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Dimensions 205 × 205 × 5 cm


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