Framed 40x50cm Personnalité Fusionnelle


Acrylic and airbrush on cardboard paper.


Personnalité Fusionnelle is wisdom, complexity, and knowledge. The background color is the raw form of a personality. It can vary depending on the mood of the day. The geometrical elements represent a sect, denomination, politic, organization, or institution. They are imposed on the self. Shining through is the concept of these artworks. Some are splattered by an omnipotent foreign energy, which implies that good forces are helping the self to thrive. The fusion of the personality, structures, and higher power ultimately happens in this artwork.



-The artwork will be carefully packaged in bubble wrap, and shipped in a cardboard box.

-Frame included.
-Mat / Passepartout included.
-Plexiglas not needed or necessary, it prevents the viewer from appreciating the work.
-Depending on your monitor settings, color may appear different on the screen than on the actual artwork.

All art is property of artist Alex Colard and may not be reproduced, resold, or used in any form.
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Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 55 × 5 cm


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