22.01.07. Saxess – Alex Colard

Saxess by Alex – Alex Colard – Various artworks – January 07 to present 2022 – Birger Jarlsgatan 111, Stockholm, Sweden

Open from 10.00 to 18.00, and by appointment  08–502 140 65

Indigène – Alex Colard – French New Yorker Artist Painter living in Stockholm (alexcolardart.com)

Renaissance – Alex Colard – French New Yorker Artist Painter living in Stockholm (alexcolardart.com)

ABOUT the artist
Alex Colard is the grandson of French sculptor Lucien Colard. Genetics gifted him with an appreciation and understanding of art while his grandfather taught him drawing techniques.

After formal art school in France, Alex moved to New York City in 2005 at age 20. There he continued to study art and architecture. He worked in New York for 11 years as an architectural designer and artist, created the art department at Goldsmith-mannequins, and exhibited and sold his work in the showroom, where prestigious clients like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, H&M and others came to shop.

In April 2017, Alex moved to Stockholm and created his practice, making and selling his art. Since then he has had 25 exhibitions in galleries, restaurants, hair salons, stores, and at events. He collaborated with Hewlett Packard in December 2018 to print on demand at the Lobby Store, he is very active on the art scene thanks to his Facebook group/plateform Art Exhibitions in Stockholm, and sells various types of artworks ranging from fine art giclée prints to canvases, and commissions.

ABOUT the exhibition
Indigenous peoples, also referred to as first people, aboriginal people, native people, or autochthonous people, are culturally distinct ethnic groups who are native to a place. continue reading

Renaissance is about re-birth, it is about the inner spirit conquering the darkness. In his previous exhibition called Abstract Personalities, Colard represented different emotions depending on the moment, and geometrical structures were imposed on the self, like a sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution. Now that these have been assimilated, it is about shining through.  continue reading

ABOUT the space
Our business is based on offering the most professional and modern hair care at affordable prices. For us, knowledge and creativity are obvious. Likewise, to set a personal style, or to come up with new challenging suggestions and ideas for those who want to try something new.
Alex founded Saxess in 2007.
Ashkan has worked at Saxess since 2020 and offers his services as a hairdresser and barber in the latest trends.
Welcome! http://www.saxessbyalex.se


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