Renaissance – Saxess Hairsalon – February 2021 to Sept. 2021

Renaissance is about re-birth, it is about the inner spirit conquering the darkness. In his previous exhibition called Abstract Personalities, Colard represented different emotions depending on the moment, and geometrical structures were imposed on the self, like a sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution. Now that these have been assimilated, it is about shining through.  

His technique has evolved due to another transitional exhibition called Présence, where he focused on leaving a mark, leaving a trace, in time and space. During the creation of these black and white artworks, he decided to use a hand-carved flat piece of wood with dents, as a brush, to apply the paint. This method symbolizes a more solid way to maneuver time, due to the circular layers of wood seen in a sliced tronc. He subtracts triangles in the instrument to create stripes of paint when he applied them to the canvas to fortify the texture. In his artworks, he wants the spectator to be present, to experience the timeless moment; in order to do that, his movements are very intuitive, as if sent from a higher power to his mind and hand. 

The colors in the background are coming to the foreground resembling a heart escaping the rib cage. Every hue represents a point of energy or chakra that needs to shine. The viewer is therefore invited to meditate with open eyes in front of the artworks, to lose themselves in colors that are mirrors to dormant auras.  These oceans of energy, saturation, and liquid force are preserved in a layer of varnish, which makes the paintings glow, shine and glisten. The spectator is consequently facing a perception of their inner self and is reminded that any obstacle in life, any darkness, any negative event is an opportunity to reveal their own colors, to dig deep within, and find the strength to shine through.

Colard (b .1985, France, lives and works in Sweden) received his art degrees from Parsons The New School, New York, USA, and from Ecole Bellecour, Lyon, France. Selected exhibitions include The Origin Of Knowledge, Galleri Frihamnstorget, Stockholm (2021); Renaissance, Saxess, Stockholm (2021); Samlingsutställning, Gallery Rääf, Stockholm (2020); Abstrakt, Betong Gallery, Stockholm (2020); Färgglada Abstrakta Personligheter, Gallery Engleson, Stockholm (2020); Couleur, Joie et Amour, Gallery Engleson, Stockholm (2020); First Attempt at a Monotheistic Religion, Lugo Gallery, Stockholm (2019); Psycho: Reflexions of a knife, Gallery Engleson, Stockholm (2019); Hewlett Packard Collaboration, Print on Demand, The Lobby, Stockholm (2018); Crown Jewels for Everyone, Gallery Engleson, Stockholm (2018); Cardinal Gemstone Horses, Gallery Engleson, Stockholm (2018); Polar Animals: Charity Exhibition for WWF, Gallery Engleson, Stockholm (2018); Blidösund-Swedish Steamboats Giclées, Gallery Engleson, Stockholm (2018); Storskär-The Saturation of your Aura, Gallery Engleson, Stockholm (2017); Goldsmith, New York, United States (2016). 

Artworks available here

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