Renaissance, 145x87cm red abstract canvas, artwork for sale

This artwork represents my journey since November 11, 2019, the day I decided to turn the page on my previous life. That day I decided to attend meditation and sharing meetings to help my mental state. I always knew I had a volcanic passion for art, but it was always tarnished and masked by my problems and behavior challenges. The darkness you can see here is all the distractions that prevented me from being the best version of myself one day at a time. Now that I have identified the root of all things or Muladhara, I have found a spiritual and emotional balance.




-Free International shipping
-The canvas will be carefully packaged in silk paper, bubble wrap, and shipped in a cardboard box.

-Depending on your monitor settings, color may appear different on the screen.

©2017 Alex Colard Art
All art is property of artist Alex Colard and may not be reproduced, resold, or used in any form.


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