La Beauté Confiante, 122x155cm canvas, strong artwork for sale.  

Colard expresses his need to connect to natural elements through his use of airbrush, creating backgrounds that resemble stone, and more specifically marble. That is the foundation of his new solid character. He uses wood as a tool to apply the strikes of paint. With this material he feels he is painting with time, because he hand carves holes in his instrument, replicating the age-defining rings in a tronc. He signifies his presence in this world with monochromatic invented calligraphy, which means he is one with his family, friends, and colleagues. The movement, positioning, and fluidity of his application imply that his body created the gesture and anchors him to his work. READ MORE




-Free International shipping
-The canvas will be carefully packaged in bubble wrap, and shipped in a cardboard box.

-Depending on your monitor settings, color may appear different on the screen.

©2017 Alex Colard Art
All art is property of artist Alex Colard and may not be reproduced, resold, or used in any form.


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