Charity Art Auction, June 10, 2023

Stockholm-based French Painter to raise funds at High Society Art Auction for Children in need

Stockholm, SE (June 10, 2023) – – The much-anticipated unveiling of world-renowned French
painter artist Alex Colard’s latest art series, “Enūma Eliš: the Babylonian Myth of Creation,” is set to
take place at an exclusive art auction gala this spring, with the likes of high-profile art scene
enthusiasts from all over the world, who will mingle with Stockholm’s elite for a good cause:
helping children in need.

The black-tie affair is set to take place at the famous At Six Hotel, in the heart of the Swedish
capital, on June 10, 2023. The doors will open at 18:00 local CET with red carpet arrivals, followed
by an hour of mingling, and then, of course, the rest of the evening will be dedicated to bidding and
purchasing Colard’s latest artwork. Guests who attend in person will be treated to exquisite wine,
champagne, and a selection of savory amuse-bouche, and there will be smaller framed artworks,
available for sale at affordable prices. Guests will also get complimentary goodie bags with art
prints inside.

Colard, who has been residing in Stockholm for five years, after a successful career in New York
City, explains his ultimate motive is to raise awareness and help children who might have fallen
victim to the war in Ukraine, conflicts in the Middle East, the recent earthquakes in Turkey and
Syria, and children in Sweden who have fallen victim to hardships and other adversities in life.

For the 29-art piece exhibition, from which some of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF, to
benefit children in need, Colard closely explored the “divine,” and the concept behind life after
death, by contrasting it to that of the origins and meaning of life itself and the development of
humankind, all in relation to finding solace in art.

Having lost his mother at the tender age of 10, the now Stockholm-based artist painter used the subsequent hardships he endured as inspiration, not only for the creation of the carefully premeditated art series but also for the main purpose of the charity he is hosting.

“I had a very early awakening in life, and I had to deal with situations that were complicated,
compared to other children.” Colard recalls. “My mother was a wonderful person, but she also had
a very dark side to her. That, along with her death, really affected me. But art was always my
refuge. Now I want to give back, I want to donate, I want to not only help children in similar
situations, but I also would like children to have the tools and basic necessities to fulfill their
artistic ambitions. I want kids who don’t have the same chances, or opportunities as me, to receive
some help, so that if they so desire, they can escape through art and maybe become professional
artists, too.” For more information, please visit http://www.alexcolard.com, or contact >

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