2020 Part 2

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I started to express my ideas and describe them in text.

The background color is the raw form of a personality. It can vary depending on the mood of the day. Yellow is the highest and purest form of self: shining, strong and bright. Blue is serenity, waves, and peace. Orange is energy, action, and vivacity. Pink is lust, love, and emotional chaos. Purple is wisdom, experience, knowledge, and complexity.

The geometrical elements represent a sect, denomination, politic, organization, or institution. They are imposed on the self. They mask the parts of the color that aren’t adequate. The most vibrant, interesting, and beautiful textures of a personality are left exposed and survive between the structures that could be a school, a philosophy, a group mentality. They land on the self throughout a lifespan, and the colonial invasion keeps recurring. The self tries to survive and grows like a root piercing through the concrete. The original personality is relentless. It will adapt to the obstacle, entity, and challenge that it is facing. Shining through is the concept of these artworks. The latest ones are splattered by omnipotent foreign energies, which implies that good forces are helping the self to thrive, and to hang on to its original power. Fusion ultimately happens in the last purple artwork, called Volcanic Magma.

My style kept evolving, I kept experimenting, from the background colors to fusing into white light: the combination of all the rainbow colors on the light spectrum, to the colors coming to the foreground.

I moved the exhibition to Bellmansgatan 26

I created an 8 shape artwork called Miami cocktail subconsciously around the same time I got 8months sober.

I was recommended to exhibit my figurative work at Gallery JJForm in Svedmyra, so I did.

The owner of Kafe Arte changed over the years, but I decided to go back.

I was biking around town one sunday, and ended up at Lucie Rääf atelier. She invited me to exhibit in her gallery on Hornsgatan for six months in the fall 2020.

We changed the artworks every three weeks and had a new vernissage every month.

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