2020 Part 1

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I started a Facebook group called Art Exhibitions in Stockholm, with the slogan, I go to exhibitions so you don’t have to, and posted a different exhibition every day of the week.

I moved in my first apartment living alone in January 2020

The Coronavirus started to arrive in Europe, and I decided to get inspired by it. After some thinking, I thought people would not come to the exhibition if I market it that way, so I changed the concept, but still presented the artworks.

It was my most visited and successful exhibition ever.

I had created these blue artworks called Blue Sky, not for everyone. I was doing a lot of video chat with my family in France who couldn’t go out, and I was bringing them the blue sky from Sweden.

I started to work on my next exhibition, inspired by Atlantis / Sweden, being protected in a bubble, but I decided to keep it for later.

Instead, I was inspired by Lady Gaga and her latest song, I thought about what I needed in these troubled times, and that was Color, Joy, and Love. Now that I think about it, I represented people, places, and things, which is a thing in the program. I also started to take photographs of my art, photoshop them into images and worked on my overall presentation to promote and sell them online.

Around Easter time, I was making videos to explain what I created, I called the series: Art on the Table.

My exhibition was called Couleur, Joie et Amour. I chose a french theme because of the likability, it was a very pop, simple, commercial exhibition that was created to please the audience and be a breath of fresh air when everything else was gloomy and Covid oriented.

I printed flyers as usual, but I posted them on buildings doors and various places to extend my reach.

I received some press and publications.

I thought it was time to do abstract art, so I fused two styles together.

Six months of meditation brought me a spiritual awakening, I was alone exhibiting in the gallery, I realized I was so lucky to do what I love and to be alive. I started crying out of joy, and then a class of children arrived as if sent from above. I put myself together and talked to them. This purple piece represents that moment of universal consciousness, enlightenment, and connection to a Higher power.

I was working inside my apartment and outside so I could use the spray paint.

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