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Sweden had accepted me, given me a personal number, bank account,and a few temporary living solutions. In 2018, I felt like a gypsy, moving from place to place because of external conditions. I learned about the Sami people, polar animals, and receding ice caps. I could identify with these subjects and thought it was fitting to create a Charity for WWF. I gave a percentage of any artwork sold during the one-week exhibition to the cause. The 3D image is an artwork called *A glacier is a church* where the spectator is inside a glacier as if they were inside a church looking through the stained glass.

March 2018, Gallery Englson, Storkyrkobrinken 10, Gamla Stan

Finding inspiration as a creator is an everyday task, I have to think about many parameters, social, political, economic, etc… How to create something beautiful, that is pleasing, that will brighten up someone’s life, bring color, love, and joy. At that time, I wanted to continue to appeal to the Swedish buyer and tourists but with a chic twist. I was reflecting on how to create an artwork that looks valuable, so I went to the source and visited the Crown Jewels of Sweden in the Armory. Life brought me the color Tiffany blue in addition to stones from H&M, and that is how that collection was born.

When I have an exhibition, I have a Vernissage and a Finissage, that allows me to create and hang more art in the gallery. It keeps me busy when I am sitting in the space and brings more people to the event.

A friend recommended I go see Kafe Arte and exhibit there, so I did.

Euro Pride was coming up in July 2018, I sent an email and called to be part of their official program, and made it happen, thanks to Svenska Pride.

I met some amazing new friends that invited me to their country house, that I created as a watercolor and offered it to them as a gift

My thinking process about what gives art value extended from jewelry to horses, which I think are a sign of wealth and status, consequently I had a Cardinal Gemstone Horses exhibition.

Cardinal gems are gemstones that have traditionally been considered precious above all others. The classification of the cardinal gems dates back to antiquity and was largely determined by ceremonial or religious use and rarity. The term has largely fallen out of use.

The five traditional cardinal gems are: amethyst (purple), diamond (white), emerald (green), ruby (red), sapphire (blue)

During the Christmas period 2018, I was recommended to collaborate with Hewlett Packard to promote their new printer with my art at The Lobby store, so I did.

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