23.09.01- SoFoTo Galleri – Dalia Lopez Madrona

PREUSSISKT BLÅTT – PÅ JAKT EFTER JATVINGERNAS FÄRG – August 30 to September 21, 2023 – Skånegatan 81 – Opening hours MON – FRI: 12am -6pm / SATURDAYS: 12am – 4pm / SUNDAYS: exhibition opening weekend 12am – 4pm

ABOUT the artist

Dalia Lopez Madrona is the artist with a bunch of different art educations. She started studying art in Lithuania (her motherland), and then she continued studying art in Austria, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia and even Greece. In 1995 she took master from Belgium (European Diploma in Cultural Project Management) and moved to Sweden in 1998, even then, she continued studying bookbinding and book restoration in Switzerland. Dalia is participating actively in different projects and exhibitions, including exhibitions at Nobel Museum in Stockholm during the years: 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 & 2022.

Dalia´s art is represented in the Royal Castle in Stockholm. In 2015 she had made the book for Queen Silvia in the relation of the visit of the Swedish Royal Couple to Lithuania. You can find Dalias´ work in several museums in Lithuania, art associations in Sweden and even at the Pop Benedictus´ 14th in Vatican.

ABOUT the exhibition

We are extremely excited to present this extraordinary exhibition by Dalia Lopez Madrona at So Foto Galleri in Stockholm. The exhibition opens on the 30th of August and lasts until the 21st of September 2023. The opening evening, VERNISSAGE will take place from 17:30 to 20:00.

Preussiskt blått -på jakt efter jatvingernas färg, consists of Dalia´s cyanotypes. The artist has already showed the parts of this exhibition in Skåne, where she lives, but this is the first time for bigger collection at So Foto Galleri, in Stockholm.

Preussiskt blått identifies the color of the cyanotypes, and hunting part suggests that the artist in in the search, she is searching for her identity. While studying in so many countries and living so long away from her roots, she finds her own tool the CYANOTYPES to look for her lost identity. In her cyanotypes, she uses the different techniques, which she gained through her long studies & work with bookbinding. The fragments in her photography often takes us to mystical places, foggy environments, folk art, or religious fragments. Lost identity draws the parallel to the lost land of Preussia, and the people Jatvings (Jatvingerna in Swedish, Jotvingiai in Lithuanian), who lived in the land of rain and songs, long time ago and who were the ancestors of Lithuanians.

The project is organized in collaboration with the Lithuanian cultural attaché in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark and supported by the Lithuanian Culture Institute.

ABOUT the gallery

The So Foto Gallery is a product of a long close relationship to photography and visual art that we love.
Our mission is to find, display and sell good quality photography and visual art for private, corporate and common uses.
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