23.08.18- Konstnärsklubben i Konstnärshuset – Multiple artists

Through the Feminine Eye: A Never-Ending Touch – August 16 to 23, 2023 – Smålandsgatan 7, 2 tr – Open Hours: 12:00- 17:00

ABOUT the artists

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ABOUT the exhibition

The exposition is organized through a collaboration between the Ukrainian Culture Center in Stockholm with the support of Stockholm Stad, Konstnärsklubben, and Svenska Konstnärinnor.

Each artwork on display reflects the inner worlds of these talented female artists, showcasing their experiences and life’s sensations. Immerse yourself in their visions and emotions, and witness the depth of artistic soul.

ABOUT the gallery

The artists’ club was founded in 1856 and consists of approximately 400 male artists, architects and art scholars. Apart from royally instituted academies and English watercolor societies, this club is believed to be the world’s oldest still-functioning association of artists. About thirty meetings with lectures and discussions are arranged annually. At these club evenings, 60-70 people regularly gather. The artists’ club is vital and alive in a world where so much of traditional associational life is fading away. The business is conducted on the club’s floor in the Artists’ House. This beautiful guild house on Smålandsgatan next to Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm was inaugurated in 1899 and has since functioned as an important meeting place for Swedish artists. The artist’s house is today a well-preserved architectural monument. It is owned by the Swedish Artists’ Association and the Artists’ Club and houses, among other things, the country’s oldest and largest artist-run gallery business. In the street level you will find the long-standing Restaurant KB. https://xn--konstnrsklubben-5kb.se/

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