22.10.21. Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom – Mats Andersson

Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom – Mats Andersson – Painting / Mixed media – Hornsgatan 36 – Open Tue. to Thu. 12 to 18.00, Fri. to Sun. 12 to 16.00

ABOUT the artists

Mats has received international attention in New York, London, Montreal, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Italy and Norway. Represented by collectors in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, USA and France.
Presentation / CV

VSKG (vice chairman)
Swedish artists.se

Project participation

Voynich project 2014 – 2015. International Art Tour in Europe and USA, based on The Voynich manuscript.


Wiwi Rönnbeck Eck painting school Helsingborg. Four semesters.
Pelle Wadströmer Watercolor training
Harry Oxenblå Abstract art and Spontaneous painting

Represented by:
Gallery Ekvall+Törnblom – Stockholm
Art-Expertize / Marina Volpi – Florence (Firenze), Italy
Höganäs municipality
Åstorp municipality

Juried exhibitions
Edsvik Art Gallery Autumn Salon 2017
Romele art gallery Jury salon 2015Romele art gallery Jury salon 2014
Edsvik konsthall Autumn Salon 2013. Accepted with 3 works Scania Art Association, Autumn Salon 2011 Romele Art Gallery 2011. Appointed best artist.
Romele art gallery, summer salon 2008

Selected solo exhibitions
2009 – 2017
Åstorp municipality’s art hall
Gallery 4U, Malmö
Gallery Ekvall + Törnblom, Stockholm.
Art Hall Åstorp municipality
Gallery Lohme, Malmö
Gallery Ekvall+Törnblom
Galleri Hamnen, Viken
Slice of life Gallery, Malmö
Gallery Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm
Galleri Englesson, Cerberus Malmö
Gallery Tegelbruket, Rydebäck
Gallery Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm
Vellinge municipal hall
Gallery Annexet, Sölvesborg
Galleri Bruket, Rydebäck
Helsingborg’s concert hall
Bubbleprojevts Hilton, Park Lane / London
Scand Art Gallery, Falsterbo Stranbad
Gallery Crona, Mörbylånga
Bubble project’s Hilton, Amsterdam
ScandArt Gallery, Höllviken Art Gallery
Bubbleprojects Hilton, Copenhagen
Gallery Jäger & Jansson, Scene 2
Gallery Hultman
Gallery Svea, Stockholm
Galleri Hamnen, Viken
Kompass Gallery, Stockholm

Collection exhibitions In selection
2009 – 2017
Affordable ART art fair October 11-15, Stockholm
Gallery Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm 11-15 October.
Gallery Ekvall+Törnblom, Culture Night Stockholm
Galleri Hamnen, Jusalong
ART Nordic Copenhagen
Gallery Ekvall+Törnblom summer exhibition
Gallery Ekvall+Törnblom, Culture Night Stockholm
Galleria Mentana, Florence, Italy
ART Miami in Miami, with Studio26 Gallery New York
Merlino Bottega d’Arte, Florence (Firenze) Italy
Voynich project 2014 – 2015. International Art Tour in Europe and USA, based on The Voynich manuscript.
Gallery Ekvall + Törnblom, Culture Night, Stockholm
Galeria360 / Florence, Italy
Edsvik Art Gallery, Autumn Salon Jury
Gallery Green, Malmö
Höllvikens Art Gallery, Christmas Salon
Toscana International at Giorgio Kienerk Museum, FAUGLIA (PISA), Italy
Luftkastellet art fair in Limhamn, 2013 (Invited by Höllviken Art Gallery)
Gallery Marzia Frozen, Berlin
Höllvikens Art Gallery, Summer Exhibition
ScandArt Gallery, Höllvikens art gallery, Christmas salon
Gallery Jäger and Jansson, summer salon
Luftkastell art fair in Limhamn
Luftkastell art fair in Limhamn
Gallery Crona, Mörbylånga
Gallery Hamnen, Christmas Salon
AGORA Gallery / New York


ABOUT the exhibition

Mats Andersson creates his abstract works in mixed drawing. The paintings are powerful and strive to capture the light and feeling of the moment. Mats is constantly exploring new materials and techniques to express a feeling that appeals to the viewer.
Mats Andersson works intuitively, with colors and movements to achieve harmony when he composes his abstract works to music. The closeness to nature in Kullabygden and the music contribute to the feeling, mood and movements, which in turn lead to unique paintings. He wants Mats’ abstract paintings in mixed media to give the viewer energy, as well as challenge emotions and imagination. Mats strives to capture movement, light and his feelings in the moment. Mats likes to experiment with pastos and transparent color, thin lines, many layers and different media, to create a sense of dynamism and joy and constantly wants to seek new expressions and challenge the boundaries of his creation. The mixed media that he works with is a technique where he works with acrylic, spray and epoxy resin in a unique visual language. This has become Mat’s signature.

ABOUT the gallery

Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom was established at the turn of the year 2007/2008.
The gallery’s focus is to show contemporary painting, sculpture and graphics with elements of art in mixed techniques. Preferably by Swedish artists and in a subjective selection, we show art we ourselves like and would like to have in our own homes!
In the gallery’s beautiful premises on Hornsgatan, we show 10-12 exhibitions per year with established artists as well as debutants.
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom is run by Kent Ekvall.

Are you looking for gallery space?
To exhibit at Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom.
Established artist for several years or debutante? We are always interested in a contact to discuss art and a possible exhibition. Our focus is painting, sculpture and graphics, but no rule without exception, we have also shown textile art and works in mixed media. We arrange separate and collective exhibitions at customary conditions and also weekly and 14-day exhibitions for a fixed fee.
Write to us and tell us a little about yourself and your art and also attach some pictures of your works. Or come into the Gallery and talk art with us!

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