21.10.08-Södermalm-Various artists

Södermalm – Various artists – How does it feel – October 2nd, 2021 – Sandbacksgatan 7, 116 21 Stockholm

ABOUT the artists
Emille de Blanche’s abstract sculptures investigate ideas of place and memory in relation to the urban environment. She is interested in the non-places of society, focusing on the alternative structures that shape the environment and often either go unnoticed or end up being erased. Viewing the urban environment as a map of grey areas connecting the private and the public, her work tells of a parallel narrative focusing on the interdependent relationship between the environment and its inhabitants. In her sculptural works de Blanche highlight common industrial materials and emphasizes on chance and anti-form as important factors of her practice. Her large-scale sculptures often move away from established aesthetics instead the raw expression favors the creation of a sense of uncertainty and ambivalence. Emille de Blanche (b. 1981, Sweden) holds a MFA from Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design and are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hannah Blitz Heyman
Hannah Blitz Heyman’s practice is material-based, primarily focusing on metal.
Her work is driven by methods and systems and so her work displays a mix of body-related objects and sculptures.

Victor Alge
Alces Alces
Each year, around 80,000 elks are shot in Sweden. A total of 55 % of an elk’s total weight is estimated to be edible meat and the remaining 45 % is thrown away.
I believe that these so-called waste products could be used in a more meaningful way.
It is a matter of respect.
If you kill an animal, you should do your utmost to use as much of the animal as possible.
During the autumn, I have collected these remains.

What have people done with these parts historically? Materials and methods which today are forgotten or lack a market. What can I do today, that they could not then?

I have examined fur, bones, and hides from elks and materialized these studies in a number of objects for the home, to create more awareness of the potential of these materials.

Elias Båth
Stockholm based Swedish designer & artist Elias Båth, 2019 graduate from Konstfack university of arts craft and design.

searching for lifecycles of materials, the work mirrors layers in the field of craft and design with hope to see the bigger picture.

Sofia Eriksson
2016-2018 MFA Craft, Konstfack University of Art, Craft & Design,Stockholm

Revaz Berdzenishvili
pace and Objects
What could space be and what can be in it? What is a room for an object and what is an object to another object? Is it necessary to have a room to have objects inside, or can a room be created using only objects? How is a space composed and how many objects are in space? How do choices affect a space?

In my exploratory process, I discover and create spaces with elements, later analyzing and learning about their characteristics, capacities, relations, compositions, and atmospheres.

Mira Bergh
I am an artist and designer based in Stockholm, currently working with the Swedish Girls collective. Resently graduate from Beckmans Collage of design.

Josefin Eklund
I’m an award-winning artist from Gothenburg focusing on neon lights and installations, most often very colorful and asymmetric ones. I also paint and do sculpture and sing in the band Vita Bergen. Since 2017 I’ve taken part in many different projects and exhibited at galleries in Gothenburg, Basel, Bohus Malmön, Malmö and Stockholm. I’ve worked with some of the world’s most famous brands like Google, Daniel Wellington, Absolut Vodka, New Balance to mention a few and with several artists.
Between 2019-2020 I studied sculpture at Gothenburg Art School.

Rickard Torstenfelt

Jonatan Nilsson
I’m a product & interior designer that lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Manufacturing processes, with focus on innovation and with an experimental approach, is a central part of my design practice. My ambition is to make complex and expressive objects that in some way questions the prevailing standards of how things are supposed to look or function.

Rasmus Alexander
Set Design and Installations

Josefin Zachrisson
BFA Product and Interior Design – Beckmans College of Design, 2016 – 2019

Theodor Ander
At Tension
There is a warmth in creating, a safe space where made-up stoned ideas can come alive. I collect things. Put them together. I love it and I am serious about it.
“At Tension”, is a project that evolved from nothing with the potential to burst at any time. There is always an ache or an itch, something getting in the way of work. Make it up as you go along. Trust in that result.

Jenny Forsgren

Klas Hasselrot

ABOUT the exhibition
What a magical time we are experiencing right now. The world is starting to open up and here we are alive with a fresh space to use for a smaller version of the exhibition we started to curate and produce last year, How does it feel?
What happens to the attraction of an object when we can only see but not touch?
How do we maintain the tactile feeling despite physical distance?
15 artists and designers have interpreted and explored a current question that we may not always have the answer to – How does it feel?
We welcome you to the opening with drinks, music and dance and especially art and design in Chimichurri Productions new premises.

Curated by:
Rasmus Alexander & Elias Båth

ABOUT the space
Chimichurri is a bunch of young filmmakers who decided to get together and do what they think is most fun, film. This resulted in the start-up of the film collective Chimichurri . Previously, the production company has made everything from short films, documentaries, music videos and promotional videos.

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