21.06.04-Kummelholmen-KonstFack school BFA2

Kummelholmen – Group exhibition with the KonstFack school BFA2 program – May 27 to June 03, 2021 – Vårholmsbackarna 120, 127 44 Skärholmen.

ABOUT the artists
Alexander Bäckman
Alma Edvall Bons
David Danell
Elsa Essinger
Erika Coleman
Fanny Saga
Heidi Edström
Jesper Brother Palmqvist
Jonas Jordell
Judit Weegar
Lisa Morrissey
Manju Jatta
Måns Palmberg
Pontus Johansson
Tim Drougge
Tova Tilliander

ABOUT the exhibition

Grupputställning med Konstfacks kandidatprogrammet Konst.

ABOUT the gallery
In 2013, the artist Torbjörn Johansson and the art collector Jan Watteus were contacted by the architectural firm Urban Design. Through Fortum, they wanted to discuss a possible takeover of a closed boiler plant in Vårberg. Then everything went fast. The premises have been emptied of 90 tonnes of scrap and have undergone extensive environmental remediation. Drawings are drawn and building permits are applied for. We hope that Kummelholmen will soon be able to offer a lively cultural meeting place with both local, national and international connections. http://kummelholmen.se/

Artworks for sale

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