21.04.30-Konstnarshuset-Sixten Sandra Österberg

Konstnarshuset – Sixten Sandra Österberg – Rörelser – 23 april-8 maj 2021 – Smålandsgatan 7

ABOUT the artist

Sixten Sandra goes MFA at Kungl. Stockholm Academy of the Arts. She was born in 1990, works in Stockholm and has a BFA from the University of the Arts in Helsinki and has spent an exchange year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She has shown her work in Copenhagen at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Impropper Wall in Vienna and at Accelerator in Stockholm.

ABOUT the exhibition 

Sixten Sandra works mainly with painting in a classic pictorial tradition. In a more deconstructive process, the forms are modified in an attempt to allow other, not always given, expressions and gestures to be expressed. It is a painterly practice that wants to linger on the perceptive body and how it can, through image processing, deactivate / activate contemporary political and social conventions.

The exhibition Movements shows a selection of this interaction between physical presence and dissolution. The paintings want to generate, through the vibrant materiality of the painting, a feeling that the appearance is under constant negotiation in relation to the situation, both in the room of the image and in the vast space. The title of the exhibition is a proposal for these different but still interconnected movements.

ABOUT the gallery 

A unique and open place for art and culture – present, tradition and future in the middle of Stockholm City
The Swedish Artists’ Association (SKF) was formed in 1890. Even then, people began to dream of and plan for a common house for all Swedish artists. In 1899, the dream came true and the Artists’ House was ready.

Konstnärshuset has been a listed building since 1999. Its façade design is one of the few examples of Venetian architecture in Sweden. The building is characterized by great artistry and craftsmanship and several famous artists, artisans and architects have done work in and on the house.

SKF owns 5/7 of Konstnärshuset, while Konstnärerlubben has its premises on the 2nd floor and owns 2/7.

SKF / Konstnärshuset’s main activities consist of art exhibitions, seminars, lectures and workshops. In 2020, Alida Ivanov took over as artistic director and Ashik Zaman as curator of the exhibition and program activities. SKF also conducts membership activities, leases the house’s various premises and is responsible for the Artists’ House’s management through a property management company.

At Konstnärshuset, SKF works with sales of its members’ art in the house’s Showroom.

Every year, SKF awards scholarships to professional artists.

SKF currently has around 900 members who are professional artists.

Vision for SKF and Konstnärshuset
Is contemporary, professional and cares about artistic quality, openness, accessibility and equality in both content and appeal.
Is a living meeting place where different worlds and artistic networks are given the opportunity for exchange and future collaboration.
She, he and she of all ages should feel welcome. A vision that the association SKF has stood for since its formation in 1890.
Values ​​SKF
SKF’s values ​​are based on participation, openness, gender equality, diversity, democracy and the equal value of all people.

The association has a board, where all members are artists and members of SKF.

Artworks for sale

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