21.01.29-Galleri Hera-Maria Olsson

Galleri Hera Maria Olsson – Minnesfragment – January 16 to February 03 2021 – Hornsgatan 36, Stockholm, Sweden

ABOUT the artist

My name is Maria Olsson and I am a visual artist, I live in Ås and have my studio on Prästgatan 65 in Östersund. The motives have changed over the years and since I now live in Ås, I am drawn to old houses and agricultural environments and to the sadness that rests over those places. In the past, it has been closer at hand to paint urban environments because I lived in Östersund, apartment buildings and people. Children have also been a motive that I have been working on for a long time. Old photographs are something that I am also inspired by. I like to combine different pictures in my paintings to see what happens. Email address: mia.miao@telia.com.

ABOUT the exhibition 

In her finely tuned world of images, people move through different ears. It is memory fragments from specific moments in quiet environments. http://mariaolsson.nu/

ABOUT the gallery 

Gallery Hera was established in 1990.
The gallery has two floors with separate exhibitions on the entrance level, as well as a showroom upstairs, with a large selection of the gallery’s artists. Gallery Hera is a member of the Swedish Gallery Association. http://gallerihera.se/

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