RONNI A. Yellow Norrskär Fine Art Giclée Print 17/100

“I’ve worked with artists from all over the world now with Gallerima.com, meaning I consume a lot of art on a daily basis. However, the work of Alex Colard has impacted me very strongly in ways I did not believe a print could do. His ability to capture everyday objects and turning them into brilliant pieces of art that’s the highlight of my home is truly impressive.”

MICHAEL P.S. WWF Polar Animal Postcards

“We came across Alex’ work a few years back in Stockholm. As I wanted one of the prints in a different size (it was meant to be a present), he went out of his way to get this arranged and ended up having to send it by post! The quirky and colourful pieces I liked so much, I bought a few more for Christmas 2019. Again, the care and outstanding service to get them posted doubled the pleasure of having these artworks.”

TONY A. Positive Colombe 30x40cm Framed Original Acrylic

“Thank you Alex. I’m so grateful to have been able to buy your beautiful work of art, especially given its significance and how drawn to it I felt from just seeing it on your website before I’d even seen the actual painting. Looking forward to seeing your latest exhibition tomorrow and thank you for the Facebook invitation to that. “

ANDERS T. Purple Norrskär Fine Art Giclée Print 21/100

“Alex Colard has got a wonderful sense for colours and form. He synthesise these elements in a very artistic way to create his art work. In his abstract pieces he also expresses life and movement in a way that make the viewer feel what is going on. “

TITOU V. Ockra Blidosund print 3/100

“Wonderful artwork … the passion presented by Alex in the smallest detail is a daily invitation to the trip … I did not leave …”

TOM I. Ceci n est pas un trauma – print

“Alex Colard…Artist extraordinaire I recently purchased “Ceci nest pa un trauma” Alex was very helpful, wrapped and delivered the picture to me It now hangs in a place of honour in my office Beautiful work”

CHRISTINA K. WWF Penguin Fine Art Giclée Print 12/12

“Alexis’s art takes me on internal journeys, emotionally and spiritually, and I always look forward to his exhibitions. His use of colour, form, space and texture tell deeply moving stories, both subjective and about the wider world, and speak to me personally and profoundly. I am so pleased with my purchase and very much look forward to expanding my collection as well as adding very decorative elements to my home. From the framing to the customer service, Alex’s meticulous attention to detail and genuine care for the customer experience are impeccable and my experience has been five star all the way!”

KHIM Y. Rosa Blidosund print 1/100

“Anchored for now in these uncertain times but a rosy future is looming…Thank you, Alexis – for your creative inspiration and helpful insights. From the gay optimist, Khim”

MARITZA V. Stockholm River Bank Fine Art Giclée Print 21/100

“My painting is magnificent. I admire it every day, it is an enchantment that makes me dream and takes me far. Continue like this and innovate as you do.Thank you Alex with all my heart.”

DALIA S. The Origin Of Knowledge – Immersive Exhibition

“It was a beautiful experience and I felt an overwhelming presence of being connected to a spirit in a way. It was a great feeling to be in the intensity of it. Part of me wanted to stay with the sensations and part of me wanted to look at all the QR codes. Really beautiful work on there too. I love how you were inspired by your travels and on the ancient tribes and beliefs too. It is definitely something I am connected to. Thank you for the journey.”

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