23.10.20- ArtWeekend – Multiple Artists

October 14, 2023 – Djurönäset, Seregårdsvägen 1, Djurhamn

ABOUT the artists

Anna Therese Eivinsdotter | Camilla Lundén | Hanna Palmgren | Finest Tattoo Gustavsberg | Jonas Hessman | Josephine Almbladh | Lena Nilsson | Linda Lundin | Marcel Strüwer | Marco Cecioni | Maria Krull | Mette Ross | Myra Päivärinta | Py Bäckman | Regina Lund | Ricardo Ausin | Sanna Ekman | Ted Åström | Torleif Svensson

Anna Therese Eivindsdotter
Anna-Theresé Eivindsdotter is an art historian who began creating by painting expressionist motifs, mainly on people. Her playfulness with color compositions is rarely well thought out, and she prefers to depict a parallel reality. Today, she paints naive portraits of women without the use of traditional brushes as tools, as her subjects are created from hardened plastic. “Working with a material that is more stubborn than me is incredibly fun, and sometimes I can’t control what happens. The subjects are very much alive, and I am the assisting helper.”

Camilla Lundén
Camilla Lundén was born in Stockholm in 1967 and has spent her entire adult life expressing herself artistically. As an actress, she played the lead role in Rickard Hobert’s film series about the seven deadly sins and was nominated for a Guldbagge Award for her leading role in the film “Spring for Livet” (Run for Your Life). Later, Camilla changed direction and started painting full time. In her studio in the Stockholm archipelago, she playfully creates her soulful works, resulting in large, colorful paintings with women in the lead role. She works with spray, acrylic, and oil paints, constantly trying to challenge herself in her art. “I want to capture the expression and meaning of life, light, and darkness – from here to everything or nothing.”

Hanna Palmgren
Hanna has always been creative. She is a trained hairdresser and has worked in this profession for 25 years. Throughout her life, Hanna has expressed herself through color and form in hairstyles, gardening, and interior design. She finds inspiration in nature; seeing everything take shape, such as the flowers in the garden, the snow on the trees, and the birds flying away. Animals and nature are a significant part of Hanna’s life, where she finds her calm, peace, and strength.

Finest Tattoo Gustavsberg
Tomaz Hallberg works as a tattoo artist at Finest Tattoo in Gustavsberg, where he has been for six years. Tomaz has been a tattoo artist for 23 years, specializing in black and white designs but creating various styles. Take the opportunity to be tattooed by Tomaz during Art Weekend, but if you’re busy mingling and viewing other works, you’ll find Finest Tattoo on Mariaplan in Gustavsberg.

Jonas Hessman
Jonas Hessman has worked as a photographer for over 30 years, covering portraits, advertising, weddings, and events. Jonas is one of the few photographers who have become well-known figures near celebrities and have received many “at-home” assignments with Sweden’s most beloved public figures. He has also documented many travel reports around the world. Painting has always been a part of his life, and in 2007, he held his first photo exhibition in Mallorca. After that success, it developed into pop art with great success. Now, Jonas frequently sells his art to several countries, including Germany, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, England, and South America.

Josephine Almbladh
Josephine is an artistic soul who loves to create and touch people. She was originally trained as an actress at Calle Flygare in Stockholm and Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. During her time in New York, she was greatly inspired by the Martha Graham technique, which focused on the embodiment of emotions. She took this concept into her art. Much of her art is about self-realization, breaking free, and daring to follow dreams. It usually reflects her own observations and reflections on life. For Josephine, each painting is a theater scene where anything can happen.

Lena Nilsson
Her photo series take you into a poetic world where reality and fantasy go hand in hand. Embark on your own journey where thoughts take flight. “Photography has been a passion for many years. I love giving my photo art a twist, a thought, an expression, a color, a spot, an extra print, and telling a story. Intuition rules. Then the viewer takes it to their own experience.” Lena originates from the cliffs of Bohuslän on the west coast but now resides on Ingarö, and she also enjoys time in her cabin in Härjedalen. In addition to her photography, Lena has had a career in the music industry for more than 30 years, touring both in Sweden and abroad. Each painting is signed and numbered.

Linda Lundin
Linda Lundin was born and raised in Österalnö outside of Örnsköldsvik. Painting and drawing have always been close to her heart, and curiosity and the journey of discovery guide her techniques and results. “I find my inspiration in nature and my surroundings, and I usually start my paintings during trips or outings. Then they are finished at home in Örnsköldsvik. I like to challenge myself and often paint on large canvases. The largest canvas is 10 meters long and was started in Ulvö Hamn in the fall of 2016.”

Marcel Strüwer
With his collage technique, Marcel is well-established in the Swedish and international art scene. His technique involves painstakingly searching for the forgotten “butterflies of the day” from posters and advertisements. These found pieces are saved and examined in his studio, gradually transforming into compositions where unexpected encounters take place. These dimensions turn messages into forms that, in turn, create a new meaning for the whole.

Marco Cecioni
“Marco Cecioni’s art is an exceptionally elegant blend of current visual language and classical tradition. It creates an illusion – even though it’s also a fact – that the Mediterranean past, the Renaissance, and even more ancient periods continue their lives in Cecioni’s paintings and ceramic works. Yet, they don’t lead us backward in time but instead point beyond the present to the galactic future.” — Markku Valkonen, Director of the Emma Espoo Museum of Modern Art in Finland

Maria Krull
Maria is a Swedish artist who focuses on abstract and expressionist backgrounds mixed with figurative portraits of women. Her creative process is driven by spontaneity and a curiosity for new forms. Throughout her work, Maria prioritizes showing emotion and expression in the women she portrays while leaving room for the viewer to interpret and form their own understanding of the story in the artwork. She is a self-taught artist and always pushes herself to explore new techniques and perspectives for her artistic expression.

Mette Ross
Mette Ross is a Danish artist who has lived and worked in Stockholm for 17 years. Her works consist of expressive abstract motifs using a mix of different materials. She paints on canvases of various sizes, often with bold colors and a touch of gold. Mette’s personality is colorful, which is reflected in her art. She uses acrylic paint and combines various techniques, including mosaic and structural paint, even incorporating door knockers.

Myra Päivärinta
Myra Päivärinta, 19 years old, has recently graduated from Design School. Her life’s passion is to create, whether it’s painting or designing clothes. She’s making her debut with her series “The Soul.” Her interpretation of the works is that “the faces are without attributes and are meant to reflect that in the soul, we are all the same and eternal.” However, Myra emphasizes that it’s essential for everyone to interpret art from their perspective and needs.

Py Bäckman
In addition to her solo career, Py has also worked as a songwriter and has collaborated with several artists. She wrote “Stad i Ljus,” which Tommy Körberg performed and won the Swedish Melodi Festival in 1988, and she also wrote “Gabriellas sång” in Kay Pollak’s film “Så som i himmelen.” “I want my art to brighten up, make people happy, just like when I make music and write lyrics. I worked at an advertising agency for a while, and I’m heavily influenced by that kind of thinking. Selective perception. I also studied at Macmeckarna, a media education. Now, I’m back to painting from the ground up. That’s what you see here!”

Regina Lund
Regina Lund’s latest series of artworks channel the activity of the universe and is titled “Space.” They are non-figurative acrylic paintings in yellow, gold, ocher, and brown, with themes that emotionally channel the sun, the moon, Mars, and other places, combined with some of her Swedish and English song lyrics. Regina is her own person and artist, unconcerned with time or trends, but rather focused on eternity, the universe, and spirituality. She readily expresses her feelings. Regina learned about art from her grandfather, who was an art buyer for the museum in Gävle, taking her to the Guggenheim when she was 10 years old. It was there that she decided to work as an artist.

Sanna Ekman
Sanna is most famous as an actress, but she’s also a director and an artist. She has been an active artist since 1999. Sanna has explored a wide range of materials and techniques throughout her artistic journey, including painting on driftwood, stones, pottery, and weaving. Even leatherwork and metalwork have been part of her artistic repertoire. Her artistic pursuits began at an early age with life drawing, and she started oil painting as a young artist. At the age of 30, she discovered the world of stained glass. She paints in a variety of materials and techniques, even incorporating glass in her work whenever she can find time between her acting and directing roles.

Ted Åström
Ted is a beloved musician, actor, and now an artist. He has completed the entire circle of culture. He has been painting for several years and continues to do so to this day. Ted is best known for his acting roles alongside Lasse Åberg in “Sällskapsresan” (The Charter Trip), playing the character “Olyckan” (The Accident) in “Trazan and Banarne,” as well as in many other films. He is also a talented poet and often performs music in front of an audience. Now, he is an artist and is very satisfied with that. He paints to express his creative spirit through art and to feel free. Currently, a documentary is being filmed featuring Hanna and Patrik Lienhart from GALLERY LIENHART, who are collaborating with Ted and will be filming some parts during Art Weekend.

Torleif Svensson
“QUEEN – The Last Tour,” photographs by Torleif Svensson. “During one week in London in 1984, I photographed five world-famous artists, including Queen. I had 50 undeveloped film rolls in my camera bag. Unfortunately, there was a break-in in my rental car, and the cameras, as well as the film rolls, disappeared. It was a theft with consequences. Later, I was invited by Queen’s manager to join them as a photographer on their final tour with Freddie Mercury. After 33 years, a large number of photographs from my slide archive were selected for a book and an exhibition. Recently, I have started a collaboration with street art artist Diana Wahlborg, who is using various techniques to paint on the original photographs.”

ABOUT the exhibition

Welcome to an art weekend beyond the ordinary! On October 14th, we have a vernissage with works by 19 artists in House 7. During the day, you have the opportunity to meet the artists, who will be on-site to talk about their works. Just want to come to the art exhibition? There will also be an open vernissage with free admission between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

During the day, Skärgårdsradion will also be on-site broadcasting live.

After dinner, for those who have booked accommodation packages, there will be an evening vernissage in House 7 with all the artists from around 9:00 PM. On Sunday morning, a delightful breakfast buffet will be served, and between 6:00 AM and 11:00 AM, you’ll have access to our cozy Skärgårdsspa.


From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, there is an open vernissage with free admission. Until 4:00 PM, hockey legend Mats Ulander will play atmospheric music from the DJ booth. Welcome to House 7!

During the vernissage, Tomaz Hallberg from Finest Tattoo Gustavsberg will showcase his works and tattoo on-site from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

ABOUT the venue

Can you imagine anything better than taking a dip in a heated infinity pool with views of the beautiful archipelago? Perhaps cozying up in one of our outdoor hot tubs as the sun sets, or showing off on Instagram with pictures of foggy, backlit glasses from your picnic on the cliffs?


Then surely our four-star hotel, hiking trail, dining room, spa facility, or archipelago restaurant by the sea with live music will have something to your liking.

And did we mention that we’re just 43 minutes away from Stockholm?

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