23.10.13- Gallery86 – Liv Sandberg + Evelina Viola

October 6 to 10, 2023 – Skanegatan 86

ABOUT the artists

My name is Liv Sandberg.
I work as a ceramicist and sculptor.
I have a share in a small ceramics workshop in Järna, south of Stockholm.
Above all, I sculpt, roll and hand build my creations.
I take inspiration from nature and life in general.
It is so much fun to try and develop in different techniques.
Raku is one of the techniques that is very close to my heart.
Likewise sculpting animals and people.
I work exclusively in stoneware clay.
In addition to my greatest passion, which is sculpture and raku, colors and practical forms are something close to my heart.
Beautiful functionality.
Usable goods. Beautiful and practical utility items.
Plates, mugs, jars, bowls, etc., with the enjoyment of the simplicity and colorful elegance.

125Kvadrat Konsthantverksbutik Kocksgatan 17. Stockholm

Evelina Viola is an artist & musician living in Sweden. The art is based on life as it is & as it absolutely isn’t. Look around and you’ll find dreams, fairy tales, hugs & reminders in the middle of everything ordinary. In the webshop you can buy prints & cards.

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