23.10.06- Clarion Hotel – 12broar

Konstrundan pa Kungsholmen – September 30 to October 1st – Rålambshovsleden 50

ABOUT the artists

Mia Hägg 18. Mikaela Puranen 2. Göte Karlsson 19. Lena Johansson 3. Christina Werne Norrman 20. Sanny Laurin 4. Martin Johansson 21. Ulrika Westerberg 5. Malin Mörth 6. Britt-Ingrid Persson 23. Jenny Risfelt 7. Inger Tollman 24. Camilla Skorup 8. Barbara Rosén 25. Daniel Cocca 9. Ellinor Johansson 10. Birgitta Gilljam 27. Mats Åkerman 11. Nicole Pluntke 28. Jonas Palmius 12. Linda Bröms 29. Woo-Bock Lee 13. Nina Frodin 30. Kerstin Karran Skeppstedt 14. Caroline Ramberg 31. Nasrin Taghizadeh 15. Agneta Pihlström 32. Lelle Bodarve 16. Britt Darke 33. Hugo Karlsson

ABOUT the exhibition

We are a non-profit art association that has in common that we are active on Kungsholmen in particular; the island that is connected to the rest of Stockholm and the world with the help of twelve bridges. We would like to build more bridges on the island – bridges between artists, craftsmen, residents and visitors.

The association works to broaden the cultural offer and promote cultural life on Kungsholmen. Our vision is to reach out to artists and artisans as well as to residents and visitors to Kungsholmen and the surrounding area, in order to jointly protect the diversity both culturally and in terms of expression.

​Our main way to succeed in this is to organize Konstrundan every autumn. https://12broar.se/

ABOUT the gallery


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