23.09.22- östra gymnasium – mieszko tyszkiewicz

September 18 to November 2023 – Kvartettvägen 2, Trångsund – https://lyktan.net/

ABOUT the artist

I am highly educated and experienced art painter, sculptor, printmaker, photographer, video maker, teacher, interior designer. 12 years of high school of fine arts in Zakopane “Kenar School”, Poland and University of Pedagogy in Krakow, Poland. Many exhibitions and shows all around Europe, 1 out in Mexico. I also made theatre shows and stage design, performance and organise art events and film festivals.

I use all technologies of picture and sculpture. Most I like oil, soft pastel, coal, wooden, clay and stone sculpture. For editing picture and video I use Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. I speak Polish, Swedish, English, Russian. I have also teacher certificat of fine arts from age 0 to university level. Working also as journalist since 1995.

Some of my works are in National Museum in Stockholm and in Royal Castle, Sweden. My art activity starts about 1977. In Stockholm there is many restaurants with my decorations. I also worked in Copenhagen in Embassy of Sweden restoring 200 years old Swedish national emblem and in Falun restoring famous Norrhaga Villa mansion from 1907. I like new challange, travelling and making art in new places of the world, using music. I always use the best materials to give the best possible quality for the client and for me. From many places I stay longer I love Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Greece. I am living in Sweden, Stockholm and Falun, Dalarna. https://www.konst.se/mieszko

ABOUT the exhibition

Multiple artworks

ABOUT the gallery

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