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I had quite a difficult Christmas, so I decided to have a rebellious period. I expressed that moment of my life in my exhibition F*** alcohol.

Suddenly a lot of memories came back, I had to transcribe them in my latest exhibition. My technique evolved thanks to the use of spray paint, and I started to paint on canvas again.

I was focusing on work and various opportunities, I even created two more boat line drawings, Norrskär and Västan front-facing.

When Karl Lagerfeld passed away, i created this artwork, and sold it on my Etsy shop the next day

Summer was here and I created this concept for Gay Pride pattern called Checkmark, I accept myself and I accept others.

I started on the RFSL truck, and continued on my own, representing my brand walking on the street

Once again, I was selling my work at Pride Park in the Svenska Pride tent

I started to work on my new collection, I decided it was time to do abstract conceptual, to focus on what I love, ancient civilization, theology and stories. I made a new friend who owned a hair salon and he invited me to exhibit there.

First attempt at a monotheistic religion is a story about power, family, and delusion of grandeur.

Akhenaton represented as a square, symbol of the four temples of Amarna. That city he created was supposed to be the new capital of Egypt, but his monotheistic religion was abolished. The color silver makes the artwork more masculine in addition to the shape.

Tutankhamon represented as a triangle, a symbol of the trinity. He is the son of Akhenaton and Nefertiti, and his tomb was arguably the wealthiest Egyptian burial chamber ever found. The color gold makes the artwork richer in addition to the shape.

Nefertiti represented as a disc. The round shape and rose gold color make this artwork a symbol of feminity.

I also changed the artworks every now and then to keep the salon fresh.

I was still affiliated with Söderkällaren bar, where I had been exhibiting since January 2019, changing the artworks on the walls, and selling my t-shirts there.

A friend of mine let me sleep in the architecture office she was working at, and my routine became strong. I was focusing on business, created my website, and had an exhibition there. I was staging the apartment office as well, to have pictures of the Airbnb they were renting.

I spent Christmas with my Family in France.

I offered my artworks to my family, my brother, my aunt, and my grandmother.

My father and stepfather appreciated the gifts as well and I found some of my previous artworks in the attic.

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