Charity Art Expo 2024 Agreement Page

Charity Art Expo is organized By Alexis Stefan Colard and will happen May 18, 2024 at Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10a, 111 57 Stockholm. The space is 2,500 square meters on one floor, it can receive up to 1,000 guests spread over 5 rooms from 12.00 to 18.00. During the event, there will be a Fashion Show, Live Singers, Dancers and more, also The Maritza Pahanic Excellence Award will be received by three Exhibitors.


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The Organizer will send money to the Exhibitor, according to the Agreement.



  1. Organizer: Alexis Stefan Colard, F-Skatt:SE1985070815141.Address: Vallhornsgatan 26, tr 1701, 12461 Bandhagen, Sweden, email: info@charityartexpo.com, phone number: +46728425659 
  2. Event location: Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10a, 111 57 Stockholm
  3. Exhibitor / Artist: Applicant who signed this agreement and paid on time
  4. Charity Art Expo / CAE – Event organized May 18, 2024 from 10.00 to 18.00
  5. Participation fee: Payment for a stand at CAE and Artist and Event Promotion
  6. The Maritza Pahanic Excellence Award



  • Exhibition Space / Stand: table + chair, depending on the Exhibitors’ choice (see prices at the end of this Agreement.)
  • Access badge for the Exhibitor. 
  • Label 20x10cm placed on the table bottom right corner (Artist name, Table NB, Organizer Swish NB)
  • A presentation page dedicated to the Exhibitor in the Catalogue. 
  • A PDF of their page from the Catalogue
  • 10 General photos with a logotype of the event. 
  • Photos and Video reports will be published on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and CAE website. Each Artist can share these marketing materials.


The price is 990 SEK for a one-time payment, or 50% February 25, 2023 and 50% March 25, 2023. The following services are included in the Package:

  • Paperless Catalogue Preview Link: Gain access to our Charity Art Expo Catalogue 2024, a digital gateway to our partner’s contact information. This is not the full Catalogue.
  • Professionally Printed Catalogue on high-quality A4 paper gold-foil logo and hard cover.
  • Google Drive Link to the Professionally Edited Photographs and Videos. Five to ten photographers and videographers will cover the event, and you will have access to the folder with 600-900 images and videos of the event.
  • Individual Professional Video Interview in vertical, 90 seconds format taken during the event where you explain your work in front of your art in two takes, answering these five questions: when did you come up with the concept, why is it connected to your life, how do you make the work, who is your inspiration, and where do you see your career going.
  • Newsletter Feature: In one email, we will showcase your biography, contact, and work to our 5846 newsletter subscribers within diverse fields such as architecture, art, interior design, medical clinics, banking, politics, and real estate.
  • Art Career Enhancement: Engage in a one-time one-hour brainstorming video call with Artist Alex Colard and CAE Organizer to receive personalized advice and insights to nurture your art career.
  • Exhibition Opportunities: Discounted exhibition with our partners can be facilitated by us, this needs to be discussed on a one-to-one basis. Gallery Engleson, Royal Blue Gallery, Gallery Zest, Atelje 89, Showroom Kristineberg, and Gallery Zebra.
  • VIP First Choice: Secure your preferred table at our next Expo December 7, 2024, before anyone else, ensuring prime visibility for your artwork.  


The Jury appointed by the Organizer will award three Exhibitors to receive the Maritza Pahanic Excellence Distinction. The Diploma Ceremony will be held during the last half hour of the event at 17.30. 


PUBLICATION: The Artist will email a biography of 500 characters maximum, a profile photo, and 3 photos of examples of artworks that will be presented in the online and paper catalogue of the Expo that will is available for a fee. The Exhibitor agrees to donate the informations and images as a gift to CAE. The Printed Catalogue is not included in the basic fee, it is possible to purchase it for a fee of 490sek.


RESPONSIBILITIES The Organizer shall neither be responsible for any damage that may derive, directly or indirectly, from actions carried out by one or more Exhibitors participating in the CAE, nor for their non-compliance with the CAE Regulations. The Exhibitors are solely responsible for their works on display, and for their activities and behavior during the exhibition. More particularly, the Artists shall keep the Organiser harmless from any liability that may arise in relation, but without limitation to the issues listed here. 1. Authenticity, provenance, and value of the works on display. 2. Any obligation of commercial, financial, administrative, and/or fiscal nature towards collaborators, visitors, and public officers. 3. The loss of, and damage to any object left unattended in the exhibition space during the days of the CAE, and also during the artwork installation and dismantling. 4. The Organiser shall provide for security service, but will not be responsible for any theft or damage that may occur to the Exhibitors and/or their properties. 

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE Organizer: The Organizer will send promotional emails to his list of 5846 newsletter subscribers. They are within the fields of architecture, art, interior design, medical clinics, bankers, politicians, and real estate. He will also share the Press Release mentioning the Artist to selected media outlets, and newspapers. He will create a catalogue where one page will be dedicated to the Exhibitor. He will create a Facebook + Meetup event, and quote the Artist with their website in all marketing materials, including Billetto and perhaps Meta / FB / Instagram sponsored ads. He will post on his FB+Insta platform *Art Exhibitions in Stockholm* and promote each Artist to the best of his ability. 

PARTICIPATION FEE AND SERVICES INCLUDED Charity Art Expo is an independent, self-financed art exhibition. For the organisation, promotion, and set up of the CAE, the Organiser bears rental costs, including the rental of the exhibition space along with necessary fixtures and equipment, and also administration and management costs, staff expenses, advertising costs, press and communication costs and other direct and indirect costs to be managed for CAE. 

  • Reception + Coats check + Security staff; 
  • Four assistants who will help the exhibitors on site; 
  • Installation and de-installation of the chairs and tables, plus truck delivery; 
  • Billetto advertising for the ticket. 



To visualize the size 120x80cm, the Exhibitor can use tape at home on a bigger table to layout their art. They shall have a 270/230cm white fabric to cover their table ( from Tygverket, Sankt Paulsgatan 19, Stockholm or another store ). Have their own shopping bags and bubble wrap to package the sold artworks. Dress code is chic or black outfit or both. 

One table per Artist is allowed, or two tables next to each other for one Artist. It is not possible to pay for two tables together, far apart, for two Artists. The floorplan might be subject to minor changes on the day of the event due to the reality factor, please be open-minded and aware that everything might not go according to plan, but we focus on Gratitude and a Positive Attitude. 


Transport and customs clearance costs are the responsibility and cost of the Exhibitor. Entrance: use the main entrance Sveavagen 10 A, between ÖoB store and Sergels Torg. Parking spaces are available around the venue.


Pickup of name badge and label on the table.


from 10.00 until 11.45 in the morning of the event. At 12.00 noon, everything should be perfectly presented. The label and badge with the table number will be placed on the table when the Exhibitor is looking for their stand.


of the exhibition space The Organizer will design the exhibition layout and reserves the right to re-assign the exhibition space/s to each participating Exhibitor. The Exhibitor shall keep their chosen position in the venue and shall not occupy a space that is empty or reserved for others, not even temporarily. 


The Swish number of the Organizer will be printed on the Exhibitor’s Label 20x10cm to be placed on the bottom right corner of the table (Artist name, Table NB, Organizer Swish NB) 


After the event, our accounting company and partner will make sure the transfers of funds are accurate. BOKHÅLLAREN & PARTNERS SHARED SERVICES AB, Address: Ålstensgatan2, Lgh. 1201, 167 65 Bromma, Homepage: http://www.bokhallaren.com All payments of artworks sold during the event will be made to the Organizer via Swish 1235853254 or Card Reader (thanks to our VP Vladimir walking around with the Izettle machine, he must be called via phone 0760881972 and he will come to the Exhibitors table to accept the card payment ) Then the week after the event, 70% will be transferred to the Exhibitor, 15% to help pay for security, assistants, and garderobe, and 15% to the Charity


It is forbidden to: a) drill or otherwise make holes in the tables, walls, ceiling and floor of the exhibition spaces using nails, pins or screws to hang artworks and/or other objects; b) drive and/or park vehicles of any kind in the CAE venue; c) leave motor vehicles parked (even in case of breakdown) in front of the CAE venue; d) bring dangerous and harmful material in the CAE venue (i.e., inflammable material, flames, etc.); e) remove artworks and take them out of the CAE venue without the Organiser’s written permission; f) distribute advertising material not related to the Artist or his/her sponsor in the CAE venue; g) create harassment or disturbances to the people attending the CAE, from which any offender will be immediately expelled; h) carry out political propaganda of any kind; i) leave litter or waste material of any kind in the exhibition space; j) remain in the exhibition space or in the venue after the closing times; k) start the dismantling operations before the closing of the exhibition. l) The reproduction and/or disclosure of this Regulation and Forms, either in full or in part, is forbidden without the Organiser’s written consent. © 2023 Alexis Stefan Colard. 


Participating Exhibitors need to dismantle artworks personally between 18.00 and 18.30.


The Organiser has the right to change the dates and times and/or the location of the exhibition either for reasonable cause or force majeure. If the exhibition must be canceled for any reason, the Exhibitors will be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts paid, without interests, net of the organization and management costs borne by the Organiser until the occurrence of the event that caused the cancellation of the event. The Organiser will not be liable for any damage or indemnity claimed in relation either to cancelation or change in schedule and/ or location of CAE. Should the exhibition undergo an early closure or a temporary suspension, due to force majeure, no compensation or refund will be due to the Exhibitor for any reason.  



Without the Organiser’s prior consent in writing, using the CAE trademark and/or logo is not permitted. The same applies to the partners and sponsors of the CAE, whether for the past or ongoing editions. Any request to use the CAE trademark and/ or logo shall be sent to the email specifying the intended purpose of its use, and providing a draft of the material that should bear the CAE trademark and/or logo. To help with visibility, you are encouraged to share images, and make your own marketing materials with the following link > https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fHP_mytlFu_1XUPzO7q03EN4cNPtQ8yc?usp=sharing


Ticketmaster and Billetto advertise the event in exchange for a large percentage of the sale price. Paid video+photographers will make their pictures and videos available for an extra fee after the Expo on the Organizer’s Google Drive, request via email. The Exhibitor will promote the event to their friends and clients via phone calls, text messages, and social media in order to sell entrance tickets at 99sek per person.


A personalized Billetto link will be sent after signing this Agreement to start The Affiliate Program, and the Exhibitor will benefit on the next CAE on December 7, 2024, of a 1% discount from selling 1 ticket. This means selling 10 tickets results in a 10% discount etc…


The Organizer has the right to reproduce and/or authorize the reproduction of photographs, videos taken during the exhibition and collateral events of the CAE that show general views, close-ups and details. The Exhibitors agree to the reproduction of images and videos for promotional and commercial purposes – through print, photography, video, and broadcasting – that show the CAE exhibition spaces with the artworks, the Artists themselves, and details. The Exhibitors agree to the use of the aforementioned images and videos for use in the catalogue, online and printed, website and social media purposes by the Organizer regarding CAE and future events as a portfolio of Organizer projects without additional remuneration. The Organizer will hire 5-10 photographers and videographers to take pictures, videos, edit and modify them, and will make them available the week after on a Google Drive link for a fee. 



The transfer of the exhibition space at the CAE by the Exhibitors, whether in full or in part, free of charge or not, is not allowed. The Exhibitor has the right to withdraw from this Agreement within 14 days from the day CAE receives it confirmed and paid. After the above-mentioned period, any Exhibitor willing to withdraw their participation in the CAE for whatever reason should give written notice to the Organizer in advance by sending an email to info@charityartexpo.com. Their withdrawal will be considered as a non-fulfillment of contractual obligation, and therefore any amount paid by the Exhibitor to cover, in full or in part, their participation fee will not be reimbursed. 

This agreement starts on the day it is signed and lasts for one event until May 28, 2024. Cancellation needs to be in writing, and a refund is not possible 14 days after this Agreement is confirmed and paid.

This agreement replaces any earlier agreements between the parties. It may only be modified in writing and signed by both parties. If any part of this agreement is illegal or unenforceable, the rest of this agreement will remain effective. 


The Exhibitor will be the one responsible for security measures during the event. This includes security policies, and protection from dangers like theft, loss, vandalism, fire, smoke, and water damage. There will be no free entrance tickets for the friends/family of the Exhibitors for the Expo. Only one assistant is allowed for free and must be mentioned by name via email to be on the list.


The Organizer has valid Gallery insurance and exhibition insurance at gefvert.se. The responsibility of the Organizer is at the level of insurance. The amount of the “Reduction” is on the side of the Participant who suffered a possible loss.

The Exhibitor will be responsible for damage, loss of property, or any similar situation that might happen will be handled by the Exhibitor, during the entire period of permanence of the works in the exhibition area. The Artist agrees to hold the Organiser harmless from any claim or legal action, and waivers any request of compensation. 



This Agreement shall be governed by and constructed by the laws of Sweden.
Any not resolved amicably dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or in connection with this contract, or the breach, termination, or invalidity thereof, shall be referred to Mediation, and if not effective, then to a Swedish court of general jurisdiction and the Stockholm District Court (Stockholms tingsrätt).
The language to be used in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings shall be English. The Charity Art Expo Official Agreement text has been translated into Swedish from the original English text, which shall prevail in case of disputes over its interpretation.


  • Artworks presented in the application can only be subjected to basic editing, must be 100% copyrighted by the Artist
  • If third parties, trademarks, other elements, or, e.g., cartoon characters with a registered trademark are presented in the images, the Artist must have appropriate written consent or license. Artists take full responsibility for any possible abuse of the rights of third parties and companies.
  • Artworks do not contain any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law, and the Artist takes full responsibility for it.
  • The Artist agrees to fully indemnify and hold Organizer harmless from any royalties, fees, and other amounts payable to any person or company because of the Organizer and the Artist’s use of the Artwork and/or violation of any law.


The participant may not share CAE sales concepts and this agreement with other companies and individuals. 


The processing of personal data by Alexis Stefan Colard – Charity Art Expo fulfills the requirements laid down in the European GDPR. I am aware that Alexis Stefan Colard is the processor and controller of my data.

The full text of the GDPR Privacy Policy. In matters not covered by these regulations, please contact CAE.

Promotional Materials
I understand that my data is used to implement the project and its promotional activities through applications supporting the website http://www.charityartexpo.com, payment and mailing systems, and in connection with tax settlements. I can always write an email to info@charityartexpo.com with information about the decision to update or delete my data from our system. The full text of the GDPR Privacy Policy is above.


Write the number that was confirmed with the Organizer. Example: K11+12
Participation in CAE = 1 table + 1 chair
Participation in CAE = 2 tables + 1 chair
Additional Promotion
The Package includes: Online Catalogue Preview + Professionally Printed Catalogue + Google Drive Link to Professionally Edited Photographs and Videos + Individual Professional Video 30sec to 90sec Interview + Newsletter Email to 5846 subscribers + Art career Enhancement Video + Exhibition Opportunities in Partner Galleries + VIP First Choice of table for CAE2. Please note: The Charity Art Package must be booked and paid for by 25 March 2024 or it will be subject to a 30% price increase, to 1287 sek.
240x130cm Table Cloth
Printed Catalogue with Artists Information
0,00 Kr

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