23.06.23- Epicenter – Alex Colard

Summer, 2023 –  Mäster Samuelsgatan 36

ABOUT the artist
Painter and visual artist, Alex Colard has been living in Stockholm since 2017. He started his company Enskild Firma when he arrived in Sweden. He was born in France and moved to New York when he was twenty years old. He lived there for eleven years and received his art degrees from Parsons The New School, New York, USA, and from Ecole Bellecour, Lyon, France.

Alex is very much involved with charity work, since his WWF Art Exhibition in 2018. He created a collection of endangered animals and gave some of the proceeds to the cause. He also donated to Musikhjälpen, via the Tradera website auction.

He organized a monthly Vernissage for his ‘Secret Exhibition’ from March to December 2022, and converted it into ‘Art Rendez-vous’ in 2023. Having had 35 exhibitions in the past 6 years, he is fluent in the language of event planning, collaborations, and achieving his goals. See his Online Presence here > https://linktr.ee/alexcolard

ABOUT the exhibition
“Enūma Eliš: the Babylonian Myth of Creation”

ABOUT the venue
Co-working space

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