23.05.26- Snösätra Hall of Fame – Multiple artists

Spring Beast Festival – May 18 to 21, 2023 – Snösätragränd 1, 12460 Bandhagen- finished / open 24/7

ABOUT the artists
Many of the works in Snösätra are created at public events, with both local and international visiting artists. Then the place and its activities are often described as a festival, and dance and music performances also take place in connection with the installation of the images.

ABOUT the exhibition
Already in the first year, all the facades along the area’s street Snösätragränd were covered in paintings, and when new works are created, they are done on top of previous creations. This development has fundamentally changed the place, as thousands of visitors who previously did not know about Snösätra come there to see the paintings. Accordingly, the place received a new, so far unofficial, name – Snösätra Hall of Fame (sometimes with the alternative but close name Snösätra Wall of Fame).

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ABOUT the space
Snösätra storage area is a collection of buildings in the south of Stockholm that in the last five years has grown into a central location for contemporary graffiti and street art. It all started with a graffiti painting in the summer of 2014, and now a large number of works are created every year.

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