23.03.31- Gallery Bellman – SK Vårutställning

Gallery Bellman – Svenska Konstnärsförbundet – Vårutställning – March 25 to 30, 2023 – Bellmansgatan 9 – Sunday – Wednesday 12 – 17, Thursday 12 – 15

ABOUT the artist

Birgitta Walley,

Amir Fallah, Amir was born and grew up in Tehran. Art and design were always a part of family life – his mother was a decorator and costume designer and Amir was always surrounded by vibrant fabric, tools and materials. This indelible understanding of creating inspired him to abandon his math studies and win a place to study at Arts and Architecture University of Tehran, one of the most prestigious art universities in the Middle East at the time. Embracing the world, his life journey has taken him to Sweden, Morocco and Germany working in illustration, advertising and corporate identity. Although he loves harmony, relativity and vitality in life, contrasts have been a constant theme in Amir’s life. As a child in times of war he experienced life on the edge where constant innovation was essential for survival; enduring censorship of expression during his university studies challenged him to find unorthodox ways to express concepts and ideas through art. Wherever Amir goes, his sketchbook is with him. His artwork is complex, detailed often emotional, and sometimes dark and frightening for the viewer. His works express humanity: evoking the experience of life, ‘being’ human, and the human identity are always present. https://www.amirfallah.com/

Margareta Henriksson,

Eva Ax Riise, https://eva.axriise.com/ Eva Ax Riise works with painting as the main means of expression.
Member of SKF/Konstnärshuset, Swedish Artists’ Association, Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Stockholm and Image Copyright. https://www.instagram.com/eva.ax.riise/

Eva Högberg, Watercolor painting is a creative struggle, the individual properties of pigments together with the water creates unexpected and exciting effects and results. A challenge and constant learning. The collage technique gives new expressions. In both watercolor and collage techniques, I look for contrasts between light and dark, simplify and exaggerate. https://www.konst.se/evahogberg-art

Ewa Rönnberg, Paints watercolors and the occasional oil painting. https://www.instagram.com/ewaronnberg/

Kerstin Spångberg,

Kerstin Mattsson, https://www.konst.se/kerstiniroslagen

Kickie Högström, I mainly work in watercolour, apart from cats the motifs are flowers and the sea. Landscapes also appear from Liguria, Italy, among others. I have studied at the Gerlesborg School in Bohuslän and the Elementary School for Artistic Education. Has also been taught by, among others, Björn Öhlander and in watercolour, Pelle Wadsrömer. https://www.kickiehogstrom.nu/

Marianne Kube, “I work with watercolors and drawings, paint landscapes, farm paintings, sea and coastal paintings, pictures that revolve around nature and people. I also paint portraits, make illustrations, posters, Christmas cards and much more. ” https://www.mariannekube.se/

Anne E Svensson, https://www.konst.se/gallerizoo, I paint directly with a painter’s knife and thickly with paint, the wonderful feeling of scraping and shaping is total and I disappear into a colored fairytale forest. At that stage, I usually don’t know what the motif will be, but sometimes the animal suddenly appears and shows its personality. https://www.atelje89.se/

Ewa Kinnunen. I am largely a self-taught artist but have 20 years of experience as a visual educator. I have mentored children, young people and pre-school teachers in art and creativity. I have extensive experience in encouraging and teaching techniques in acrylic and watercolor but also mixed media. Education such as the artistic year at the Steinerseminar art teacher’s line and several courses at Gerlesborgsskolan are the main basis for my artistry.It is with the help of brush, paint knife, rags and hands that I create my pictures. https://ewakinnunen.se/

Meith Fagerqvist, https://www.konst.se/meith-se , I usually work in three dimensions. The materials vary between clay, concrete, mosaic, plaster or stone. I get ideas for my sculptures from what I see in pictures or in real life situations. My main material is the clay, which gives the opportunity to add and subtract during the course of the work. Firing my sculptures in raku is an interesting method where you cannot completely control the result of the glaze. https://www.meith.se/

Naemi Bure, I paint in different techniques, like to switch between figurative and non-figurative motifs. Shifts between watercolor, acrylic and oil depending on motif and form of expression. Have painted some portraits on order., https://www.konst.se/bure

ABOUT the exhibition

Members of the Swedish Artists Association/ Svenska Konstnärsförbundet region East are exhibiting https://konstnarsforbundet.se/

ABOUT the gallery

Welcome to the Bellman Gallery, a spacious art gallery right in the middle of the art district of Stockholm.
The gallery features two exhibition rooms, 80 square meters and “back office” for storage, kitchen and toilet.
For more information, send an email to: galleribellman@gmail.com / https://galleribellman.se/

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