22.09.29. SKF/Konstnärshuset – Shahrzad Nikzad

SKF/Konstnärshuset – Shahrzad Nikzad – I am Looking for a Garden – August 20 to September 24, 2022 – Smålandsgatan 7 – Open Wednesday to Saturday between 12 to 4pm

ABOUT the artists

Shahrzad Nikzad was born in Iran and now lives in Sweden. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the renowned California Institute of the Arts, CalArts, in Los Angeles. Her main work is painting, drawing and photography.
Shahrzad divides his life into two parts – before and after his art education at CalArts. Shahrzad’s early art education began at Tehran University. Under the tutelage of Hannibal Alkhas, a well-known Iranian painter and sculptor, she studied sketching, drawing and painting.
She later moved to Sweden. In 2008 she went to California. Initially, she studied painting at the College of the Canyons in Los Angeles. Her creative artwork and unique style soon earned her admission to the renowned CalArts. Shahrzad was admitted as a second year student and was granted a generous scholarship. Her work there, as well as her solo photography exhibition on the hijab (veil), quickly developed her so that she graduated in 2 ½ years instead of four.
At the graduation opening, one of Shahrzad’s large monochromatic multimedia paintings was purchased by a CalArts professor for a hefty price. After fulfilling her dream of a professional art education, she returned to Sweden. Here she continues her creative pursuits.

SKF/Konstnärshuset has support from the Culture Council and the City of Stockholm.

ABOUT the exhibition

“My heart mourns the farm
Nobody cares about the flowers
Nobody cares about the fish
Nobody wants to believe that the farm is dying
, that the farm’s heart has broken under the sun
, that the farm’s soul is gradually being emptied of its
green memories
and the farm’s feeling
seems to be something abstract
that has rotted in its seclusion

Our farm is lonely
Our farm yawns
waiting for rain from an unknown cloud
and our farm’s little pond is dry
Small innocent stars
fall to the ground from the heights of the trees
and through the pale windows of the fishermen’s dwelling coughs
are heard at night
Our farm is lonely “

Poem by Iranian poet and film director Forough Farrokhzad.

Shahrzad Nikzad’s exhibition “I am Looking for a Garden” consists of paintings, drawings and natural objects. On the one hand we find ourselves in a chaotic world and on the other we search for hope, love and a bright future. Her way of painting hope is inspired by a poem by a prominent Persian poet. It’s like every word is dancing and spreading hope.

ABOUT the gallery

The Swedish Artists’ Association (SKF) was formed in 1890. Already then they began to dream about and plan for a common house for all Swedish artists. In 1899, the dream came true and the Artists’ House was ready.

Konstnärshuset has been a listed building since 1999. Its facade design is one of the few examples of Venetian architecture in Sweden. The building is characterized by great artistry and craftsmanship and several famous artists, craftsmen and architects have worked in and on the building. SKF owns 5/7 of the Artists’ House, while the Artists’ Club has its premises on the 2nd floor and owns 2/7.

SKF/Konstnärshuset’s main activities consist of art exhibitions, seminars, lectures and workshops. In 2020, Alida Ivanov took over as artistic director and Ashik Zaman as curator for the exhibition and program operations. SKF also conducts membership activities, renting out the house’s various premises and is responsible for the management of the Artist’s House through a property management company. Every year, SKF awards scholarships to professional artists. SKF today has approximately 800 members who are professional artists.

At Konstnärshuset, SKF works with the sale of its members’ art in the house’s Showroom.

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