22.08.26. Galleri Artsight – Caterina Arciprete

Galleri Artsight – Caterina Arciprete – Swedish Light – September 3 to 25, 2022 – Hornsgatan 36 A – Open Tue. to Fri. 12-18.00, Sat Sun 12-17.00

ABOUT the artist
Caterina Arciprete is an ltalian artist who combines photography, drawing/painting and writing. She has had exhibitions and editorial projects in ltaly and abroad. Caterina studied and taught at the IED of Rome. She also had several art books published by major Italian publishers.
She develops art projects for companies such as Oste jewelry, Camomilla Fashion, Garofalo, 0odaaq Vodka and Naples international Airport.

ABOUT the exhibition

Her new collection of drawings and photo-paintings is all about the Swedish light. From her last trip in Stockholm and around Sweden’s landscapes, she took some pictures and I tried to see inside the stunning scandinavian light.
“Painting what is hidden in my photos. Drawing what appears in the wind, through the light. And it’s the special Scandinavian light that give me inspiration … there is more than what one sees. ln a shadow there is an entire another world. Vou can find incredible colors in Stockholm’s sunsets but something else too … just try to look beyond, into the the bright energy, where light takes shape. “

ABOUT the gallery
About the room
Galleri Artsight consists of a 45 sqm large exhibition room (Approx. 22 running meters of hanging area) with a shop window on the street level. Upstairs we have a 19 sqm large showroom and shop area as well as a larger office room with kitchen and WC.
Gallery rails and professional gallery lighting are available. The gallery is staffed.
Choice of art
At Galleri Artsight, we exhibit various art forms, everything from photography and painting to glass and sculpture. The first selection is made by our curator who looks digitally at the artist’s portfolio. After that, the gallery owner tries to look at the art, for example, at another exhibition, during a studio visit or something similar. We do not require academic education from our artists. What we look for is a personal expression.
We choose which artists we exhibit and take commissions. In rare cases, we charge a fixed rent. The price is determined based on what expenses are required by the gallery such as advertising, hanging, staffing, etc.
The commission with us is 50% of the profit. That is, if we have expenses such as printing costs, frames, shipping, etc., the commission is calculated based on what is left of the sales price when the gallery has received the money back from these expenses. This applies to each individual artwork. If the piece is not sold, the gallery is responsible for the expenses.
Galleri Artsight has no insurance on the exhibitor’s private property. The gallery can thus not be demanded for financial compensation in cases of burglary, vandalism or accidents involving the artworks. This means that if the artists themselves want to get insurance, they are responsible for such costs. Check with your insurance company if the home insurance covers any such costs.
The artist has a great influence on how the exhibition is designed and is welcome to participate in the hanging. The gallery owner comes up with suggestions and can be responsible for the hanging if the artist can or does not want to participate. Note that nailing in the 18th century walls is not allowed.
We have access to a smaller van for shipping within Stockholm. An agreement regarding the freight and its cost takes place before a contract is signed between the parties so that it is clear who is responsible for the expenses.
The gallery posts upcoming exhibitions on the website at least one month in advance. On our facebook page, linkedin and our instagram, we also advertise before the opening. It is appreciated if the artist contacts their friends and acquaintances. The gallery owner sends out invitations via email based on the gallery’s contact list. The gallery is responsible for emailing DN på stan (DN is a Swedish newspaper and “på stan” is their event calendar) and for posting an event on “Vad händer I Sverige” (“What Happens in Sweden”) and “Gratis I Stockholm” (“Free in Stockholm”).
At least one representative from the gallery will be present at the opening. Wine, non-alcoholic alternatives and any snacks being served are paid for by Galleri Artsight.
Staffing, opening hours and sales
The gallery is staffed. Our standard opening hours are 12–18 Tuesday-Friday, and 12–17 Saturday-Sunday. At the opening, the hours can be extended. At the opening, the artist attends if nothing else is decided in advance.
Are you interested in exhibiting at Galleri Artsight? – get in touch via email, galleriartsight@gmail.com. We do not have the opportunity to check portfolios, instagram or websites on site in the gallery.

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