22.07.29 – SPG Gallery – Mausel Eksell Strindberg

SPG Gallery – Mausel Eksell Strindberg – May 14 to June 11, 2022 – Gävlegatan 10 b – Open Wed–Fri 12–17, Sat 12–16

ABOUT the artist

Born in Stockholm 1954.
Lives in Önnerup. EDUCATION File. B.Sc., Stockholm University 1978 Royal Stockholm Academy of Art 1981-86 Solo EXHIBITIONS 1985 Café Mejan, Stockholm 1987 Gallery Svenska Bilder, Stockholm 1989 Center Culturel Suédois, Paris, France 1990 Aura, Krognoshuset, Lund 1991 Kamras Gallery, Borgholm 1995 Aura, Krognoshuset, Lund 1996 Krister Fahl Gallery, Stockholm 1999 Arch Gallery, Kalmar, Sweden 2000 Aura, Krognoshuset, Lund 2000 Galerei Inga Kondeyne, Berlin, Germany
2001 Olle Olssonhuset, Solna
2001 JHB Förlag and Gallery, Löderup
2003 Gallery Krister Fahl, Stockholm
COLLECTION EXHIBITIONS 1983 Academy of Fine Arts students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria 1989 Segel , Galleri Kamras, Borgholm castle ruins 1989 Frizon , Kulturhuset, Stockholm 1990 Sveriges Radio’s art collection, Waldermarsudde, Stockholm 1991 Rendez-vous, Sveaborg, Helsinki, Finland, Tallinn, Estonia 1992 5+5, Art Academy, Stockholm 1992 Waldermarsudde , Waldermarsudde, Stockholm
1996 Mirroring, Gallery Kamras, Borgholms castle ruins
2000 Birds, Gallery Kamras, Borgholms castle ruins

The list includes all exhibitions.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Staffan Schmidt: Under the vignette “Image text” (no title) review Sydsvenska Dagbladet 24.3 1990 Gertrud Sandquist: “The possibilities of the image”, Svenska Dagbladet 9.6 1990 Pontus Kyander: “Images from the beginning of the world”, Sydsvenska Dagbladet 20.11 1995 Eva Runefelt: “Intravenöst language with a bite of surprise”, Svenska Dagbladet 3.3 2001 Hans Gefors: Mausel Eksell Strindberg’s catalogue, Stockholm 2000

ABOUT the exhibition

The gallery owner Susanne Pettersson has in recent years chosen a sympathetic path where she exhibits established artists who are housed in Stockholm. It may be reminiscent of the setting at Mors Mössa in Gothenburg in its time. This time it is for a long time Skåne-based Mausel Eksell Strindberg together with Dan Backman who takes place in the rooms.

It is almost twenty years since I saw a painting by Mausel Eksell Strindberg at Galleri Krister Fahl in Stockholm. Despite all the years, her floating dark rooms with red-hot shapes get their logical followers in the collages shown in the exhibition. Sparse and well-composed images with high contrast evoke similar feelings as before.
The darkness that devours light but still does not manage to overcome this may be explained by the main issue of the current exhibition. Rows and groups of portraits line the walls. Most rest against the light bottom as inverted cones of light, a shadow play of souls. The eyes sparkle particularly pulsating towards the viewer as so many of them are familiar. The cautious joy of the face-blind is aroused before a possible recognition; the writers, poets, musicians, artists are laid out as a long poem for the memory to stumble through. You can get some help from the list behind the counter.

Stockholm 2022-05-25 © Susanna Slöör

ABOUT the gallery

Susanne Pettersson Gallery opened in Stockholm in November 2007.

We represent contemporary artists who work in a variety of media, such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video and installation. Our aim is to support emerging as well as more established artists and to introduce exemplary art to the Swedish market.

We welcome you to the gallery

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