22.07.22. SPG Gallery – Dan Backman

SPG Gallery – Dan Backman – May 14 to June 11, 2022 – Gävlegatan 10 b – Open Wed–Fri 12–17, Sat 12–16

ABOUT the artist

“Dan Backman’s artwork contains multi-track expressions, where material variation and alternating techniques provide a track-map with divergent topology.
An enigmatic numbered color field seems to be both self-referential and associative to something external.

Is it a game plan, a drawing, a colorimetric, or maybe a periodic system?
Models that are both concretion and abstraction.

Recurring themes are an ambiguous, or multivocal, geometry that opens up for both abstract and figurative reading.
For the same image in its ambivalence can just as easily be zoomed in and enlarged ornamentation, textile or plant fibers wrapped around, DNA strands or marquetry on colored beams from a house drawing.
It is in this uncertainty, in collaboration with a painterly precision, that the strength of the works can be found; an own coherence, somewhat enigmatic and alluring, where the emphasis is on the unanswered.
Echoes from previous decades art-theoretical debates have a renewed resonance here: several of the works seem to provide an alternative answer to the question of formalism, empiricism and deconstruction.
These works also raise questions about the relationship between artist and critic. Contact surfaces exist, even if the relationship to intuition, process, quotation, analysis and design differs. In the series of laminated collages (mixed media, photomontage), fragments from the documentary aspects of criticism seem to have been incorporated and created a dissolving and critical view of categorization, systematics and production.“
Anders Hellqvist

ABOUT the exhibition

“The gallery owner Susanne Pettersson has in recent years chosen a sympathetic path where she exhibits established artists who are housed in Stockholm. It may be reminiscent of the setting at Mors Mössa in Gothenburg in its time. This time it is for a long time Skåne-based Mausel Eksell Strindberg together with Dan Backman who takes place in the rooms.

Dan Backman, like many of Omkonst’s writing artists, is also an art critic. The shadows and emptiness easily strike us, who more often direct the light at our colleagues, than at ourselves. The advantage of being taken for granted only in that role is that it creates the truly free space to think and work in. Dan Backman uses that opportunity with admirable consistency and relates the smallest brushstrokes to thoughts about art.
In one corner, the noisy air drums and pipes have been wrestled down with a constructive swing with roots in Malevich’s black and white mirrors of the universe. Dan Backman ingeniously combines the shapes with image scrap from photographs and catalogs. The tube connections on flash visits are disengaged and run through the images in their immediate state. The playing field closes invitingly. With the risk of delivering a “spoiler”, the smile is raised in front of the collegial greeting that is hidden behind a corner. The exhibition is a rich and sympathetic entrance to Dan Backman’s aesthetics.

The low-key ponderingthe tone unites the two artists in an enriching way, despite the obvious differences. Together, they also evoke the memory of when the painters played with the desire to see, like the gourmet chefs of the eyes. Here is the basis and knowledge of the funds that have been refined and managed in this insanely effortless way.“

Stockholm 2022-05-25 © Susanna Slöör

ABOUT the gallery

Susanne Pettersson Gallery opened in Stockholm in November 2007.

We represent contemporary artists who work in a variety of media, such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video and installation. Our aim is to support emerging as well as more established artists and to introduce exemplary art to the Swedish market.

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