22.05.20. Stadsgården Terminal – Spray It

Stadsgården Terminal – Spray It – Grafitti – May 14, 2022 – Stadshamnen 26, Slussen

Thank you to https://www.instagram.com/art_yayah for some pictures

ABOUT the artist

Spray it is a creative agency of international street artists based in Stockholm working with art and graphic design. Spray it was founded in 2016 and created to share our passion for graffiti and to make it more accessible to a Swedish audience. The aim is to develop all types of projects related to urban creation.
Spray it provides a wide range of services to its clients and partners. Earlier projects include educational courses for adults and kids, wall paintings for individuals and companies, graphic design, and collaborations with product designers. The agency has also produced original exhibitions showcasing Swedish and International artists. We create the environment for your individual needs. Transform the look of your company to highlight your particular vibe and leave a lasting impression on your clients.
We take care of all your needs for art and graphic design, even offering courses in street art for adults as well as kids.

*Holem started with graffiti in the early 90s and got interested in drawing characters as a way of creating his own universes around the letters. He has organized numerous international events and continues to promote graffiti as an art form. Today he works as a graphic designer, illustrator, and graffiti artist, as well as overseeing projects. https://www.instagram.com/holem_one/

*JUNKY made his first moves in Street Art with D77, DBC, and DKA by tagging any surface accessible fixed, or stationary. Walls and trains in his local of Gennevilliers became his canvas and before long Junky extended his craft to neighboring districts and towns.
At the beginning of the 90s he funded TJS -THE JUNKY SPRAY – his crew.
Now he had the opportunity to carry his style and his fellow Street Artists such as SHOET, HEK, ZOZKEE, DEZER, and many others. The ‘TJS’ soon became recognized by his peers.
In 1991 a more serious approach was taken and he took part in an international exhibition of Street art held at The Arab Institute of Paris.
By 1998, Graffiti had become his life. The next steps he took were to refine his art by working on technique and the overall aesthetics of his pieces, always endeavoring to retain a distinctive and personal touch with his unique imagery and typography.

*FRAKA born in the 80s in north of the Parisian suburbs;
influenced by the ZZR, TCP, DKA, TJS AND AOS crews, he begins to tag on the walls of this city. Wanting to stand out, he developed his style by taking an interest in the US movement of the 80s.
His graffiti, recognizable at first glance; is defined by bright color, which immerses us in a galactic universe, and by a touch of funky, thanks to its self-caricatured B.Boy.
Wanting to grade the graffiti spirit, he affixes his style on all supports (paper, canvas, model, metal plate, street furniture, etc.) but it is on Jacket that he excels.
In 3 words: Colors, B.Boy & Funk.

*Dams is a French graffiti artist born in 1985.
From a young age in the Parisian suburbs (92), he was seduced by its urban environment, in particular the graffiti on the walls.
Passionate about drawing and painting, he began to paint his first wall at the time of high school. Self-taught, he wanders around and perfects his art in vacant lots, urban arts festivals in France and Europe, collective exhibitions…
Very attracted by the large colorful murals, in 2006 Dams joined the collective of artists HEC (Haut En Couleur), with whom he fine-tuned
His dazzling calligraphic style is highlighted through colors that are always meticulously chosen.
He quickly knew how to stand out by the originality of his precise 3D letters that he offers on other supports (Canvas, clothes, etc.).

ABOUT the exhibition

Welcome to Graffiti Art Exhibition! A unique visual experience in a great area of Stockholm bordered by the sea: Slussen.

Terminalen & Spray it will present a series of international graffiti art collaboration in Stockholm!
This first exhibition will take place at Terminalen in Slussen during the 14 May and will promote a new vision of the graffiti scene in our capital as well as the artists in residency. We want to bring attention to the possibilities of this particular space.
The focus will be on three prominent graffiti artists from Paris: Dams, Fraka, and Junky, passionate and committed artists who have influenced the French graffiti scene with their original and dynamic productions.
During the residence, the artists will prepare some original art, drawings, and paintings on paper and canvas but also paint some walls indoors.
Visitors will get a unique opportunity to explore the creative process and the philosophy behind French street art.
It will be the first show of that type and I’m sure you will enjoy it !

ABOUT the space

Stadsgården commonly refers to the wharf on the shore of the Baltic Sea in Stockholm, Sweden, located between Slussen in the west and Masthamnen in the east. The word gård in the name comes from skeppsgård, which was a word used in archaic Swedish for an area used for port and dock operations. Along “Stadsgårdhamnen”, the Stockholm city wharves can be found, with terminals for cruise ferries and ferries to Finland, including the Viking Line terminal. Terminalen is becoming a space for art exhibitions, Supermarket Art Fair was help there in 2021, and now more artistic events are happening at that location.

Organizers: For nearly 2 decades we have combined art, craftsmanship and technology to fulfill our’s and our client’s ideas.
What started off as a bromance in the founders early 20’s has ended up in a highly merited company with a legacy of mastering the unexpected, taking on challenging tasks of various kinds passionately and full on.
‍Our creativity and skills have developed through time, from details to the big picture, literally, and “we” have grown to a core of a chosen few to a vast network of strong relations and widely spread creative experts.
‍This resulting in arts, design, set design & props that are appreciated in productions for exhibitions, events, commercials and private use. Whether we print in 3d or sculpt by hand, the result is what matters. We guide our clients from the idea stage to the finished product ensuring the highest quality and price worthy production.
‍Our clients needs and wants is always our first priority. By having a tight knit team we guide you through the entire process of turning your idea into something real that you can touch. I you have an idea you want realized, contact us and let us pour you a cup of coffee and talk!

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