21.10.15-Affordable Art Fair-Christian Koivumaa

Affordable Art Fair – Christian Koivumaa – Melefors Gallery – October 14-17, 2021 – Nacka Strandsmässan, Augustendalstorget 6, Nacka Strand, 131 52 Stockholm

ABOUT the artist
My name is Christian Koivumaa and I am a passionate watercolor artist from Sweden. Watercolor is a challenging medium in many ways and that is what attracted me to it.
Before I started painting with watercolors, I competed in Karate and spent 15 years striving to be the best. Anyone that has experienced competing on a high level is aware of the dedication required to achieve your highest goals. After my karate career ended prematurely due to injuries, I missed the hard work and I looked for something to replace my athletic ambitions. I tried watercolor for the first time in 2007 and since then I´ve been studying this art form. I´m once again striving to be great at something and maybe I´ll inspire a few people along the way.

ABOUT the exhibition
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm returns to Nacka Strandsmässan in October 2021, showcasing original contemporary artworks ranging between 500kr to 70,000kr. Welcoming local, national, and international galleries. You’ll be sure to find something to suit every taste and budget!
The 9th edition of Affordable Art Fair Stockholm showcases 1000s of contemporary artworks from 40 hand-picked local and international galleries. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or looking for your first limited-edition print, the fair is the perfect place to learn more about art and refine your taste. So, mark your diary and prepare to discover new and exciting art from around the world!

ABOUT the gallery
Johan Melefors, born 1971, founder and CEO of Galleri Melefors grew up in a family that is the third generation in the auction and antique industry. Already growing up, Johan created an interest in art and has since the early 1990s collected and traded in classical, modern, and contemporary art.
Gallery Melefors in Linköping he started in 2013 when he moved home from Stockholm to his hometown Linköping, which he then thought lacked an art store and a gallery with a breadth of established collector’s art and a well-thought-out and future-interesting contemporary catalog to display.
With genuine contacts and experiences from the art market behind him, Johan and Eric Hjelmberg have since the beginning had a unique breadth of art from the late 19th century, classical and modern 20th-century art mixed with a selected catalog of contemporary artists. The contemporary art the gallery represents is chosen with care to create a well-thought-out mix of art that we believe will hold in the future, says Eric Hjelmberg, who also points out that the search for new talent never stops…

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