21.11.19. Gallery Hera – Mahmoud Hesso

Gallery Hera – Mahmoud Hesso – Hymns before blue – November 06 to 24, 2021 – Hornsgatan 36, 118 20 Stockholm

ABOUT the artist
MAHMOUD HESSO Born 1972 in Syrian- Alhasaka Professional Painter. Lives in Sweden. A member of the Syrian Fine Art Association. A member of Syrian Journalists Union. A member of Emirates Fine Art Society Education / background: 1997 Bachelor Degree from the College of Fine Art, University of Damascus 2000 Invited By the Omani Fine Arts Society to Teach Courses To A Group Of Their Young Members About Composition And Oil Painting Techniques 1993 Awarded the First Prize at Nidal ALSHAAB News paper to the youth Artist 2000 Awarded the First Prize at the Annual Portrait Exhibition 2002 Awarded the Prize at the Tehran International Biennial of Contemporary Art 1998-2000 Art teacher in the Sharjah art institute 2003- 2005 intendant for Sharjah art gallery 2004 Art teacher at the University of Sharjah

ABOUT the exhibition
In a small village Nawfalia and with the first sun rays in a cold December 1972, Hesso was born, the tenth child in the family. Between wheat fields and cotton fields, he spends his childhood, waking up with farmer’s hymns. 1988 16-year-old Hesso presents his first solo exhibition. In 1992 he moved to Damascus and studied art at The Fine Art university. Since then, Hesso has moved around the world with his paintings. From Nawfalia he carried with him the scent of his mother’s dresses and the taste of tannour bread which he is carrying it in a memory that lives every night in the scene that stretches between the bare banks. He is the son of the plains and the mountains that worry about the coming of the sunset so that the lights are hoarded so that the darkness does not consume them. The artist Hesso manifests himself in his paintings by grasping white in its best expressions, as it extends horizontally over the earth’s surface, where the fields of the barren steppe and the lazy mountains slumber. A dye flows around the frame of the primitive window as if it is painted in white around an erotic niche in the color of square darkness or a dark extension. White is a color, and the color is a proud color in its abundance, which is manifested in its ascetic, simplistic, abstract devotion, disobedient to the eyes of the public and their acquaintances

ABOUT the gallery

The gallery has two floors with separate exhibitions on the entrance level, as well as a showroom upstairs, with a large selection of the gallery’s artists.

Gallery Hera is a member of the Swedish Gallery Association

We help with advising art to private homes, associations, workplaces and specific environments. You are welcome to contact us or book a day or evening time adapted to your wishes. We can also arrange something to eat and drink. I have extensive experience in the art industry. My own background is, among other things, painting schools and art history, has given lectures, image analysis, art as communication and been a teacher of image and form. For twenty years I had painting courses in “Living painting – Find your own creativity” where everyone, from uninitiated to professional artists, who were stuck in their creation could get away with it. Very rewarding and edifying for all of us!

Has over the years performed assignments of various kinds such as decorating homes, workplaces and artistic environments for, among other things, film recordings.

Gallery Hera has been established since 1990. The venue has two floors, an entrance floor for periodic exhibitions and a Showroom 1 tr. up where we continuously receive works by the artists we collaborate with.
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