21.09.24-Björkholmen Gallery-Lukas Göthman

Björkholmen Gallery – Lukas Göthman – Protecting the Dream – August 21, to September 25, 2021 – Jakobsgatan 27C, 111 52 Stockholm, Sweden

ABOUT the artist
Lukas Göthman’s abstract paintings often deal with the theme of journeys, both real and imaginary. Texts also play a major role in his art. He himself says that the text always comes first. It might be a short story, a title, or something else. After this comes the painting. Göthman’s themes focus on issues of place and identity. His body of work consists of abstract artworks, one part of which has direct connotations of landscapes, and another consists of text-based works in which a phrase is repeated to create an abstract composition. In addition to painting, Göthman has also worked with performances and site-specific projects.

Lukas Göthman (b. 1970, Sweden) is a self-taught artist. He has exhibited widely in his homeland of Sweden since the early 2000s, and also appeared in exhibitions in various parts of Europe, e.g. the Björkholmen Gallery, Stockholm, 2012, 2010; Circle Suédois, Paris, 2013; and Galleri Magnus Åklundh, Malmö, 2008.

ABOUT the exhibition
”Floating above the current going upstream with you. Swimmingly. Looking for hours like seconds. Hidden time. Longing time. You are a dreamer and I am a dreamer too. Scent time. Dream time. Slow and fast. Beautiful silence and you. Sweet longing in silence. Tears are not tears. I believe in love art and dying. I believe in chaos and you. It’s only a few nights and days. Protecting the dreamer. Only freedom is freedom. You and I and hours like seconds. If this is the end I disagree. I am a dimension. Unleash the dream. You are here. Drifting together towards the end of the journey. You are I am the silent river. This is the beginning. Greetings from all my realities. Tomorrow everything is brand new.”

Excerpt from Journal nr 12, 2021

Lukas Göthman

ABOUT the gallery
Björkholmen Gallery
According to our data, Björkholmen Gallery is an active Stockholm-based established Private Gallery. Björkholmen Gallery is a 26 year old Private Gallery showing mostly Painting with a focus on Arte Povera.

Since they were established in 1995 they have had at least 104 exhibitions (74 solo shows and 30 group shows) with 84 artists (for more information, see shows).

Björkholmen Gallery participated in no less than 9 art fairs, in Stockholm, Stockholm and elsewhere. The first fair Björkholmen Gallery participated in was Stockholm Smart Show 1997 in Stockholm in 1997. They have most frequently exhibited with MARKET in Stockholm, Sweden (7 times) and Stockholm Smart Show in Stockholm, Sweden (1 times).

Björkholmen Gallery’s first verified exhibition was “Thomas Ruff” in Stockholm in 2000 with the artist Thomas Ruff. Björkholmen Gallery mostly shows artists from Sweden, but they also exhibit artists from the United States, Germany and elsewhere. Exhibitions are mostly male (75%), with female artists exhibited less (24%). The most exhibited artist is Hans Isaksson. The average age of artists shown at Björkholmen Gallery is 46.

The current average rank for artists at Björkholmen Gallery is 29,505, with 1 artists among the top 1,000.

The highest-ranked artists to exhibit with Björkholmen Gallery are Cindy Sherman (ranked in Top 10) and Thomas Ruff (ranked in Top 100) . Of the 277 artists that have repeatedly exhibited with Björkholmen Gallery, 250 improved their rank while at Björkholmen Gallery. Björkholmen Gallery discovered no artists currently in the top 100, one artists currently in the top 1,000 and no artists currently in the top 10,000.


Open Tuesday–Friday 12—17
Saturday 12—16

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