21.09.10-A House–Noah Beyene

A House – Noah Beyene – Various artworks – September 2,3,4, 2021 – Östermalmsgatan 26A, 114 26 Stockholm

ABOUT the artist

ABOUT the exhibition

In Noah’s paintings, a blue sofa becomes a sea and the body’s rafts. Floating in an inland sea, his subjects pose as one body, only a bunch of limbs. Asked in this vague way gives us – the viewer – an opportunity to consider their thoughts, their relationship to themselves, their fleet and to Noah – who is trying to create an equal space between himself and his subjects; lower the barriers to create illustrations of intimacy, connection and respect – transcend the realms of our bodies in search of connections and enchantments not of our current spaces, but further out, beyond the sea. Ultramarine blue is made with the pigment lapis lazuli. A pigment that during the Italian Renaissance was so difficult to obtain (and expensive to use) that its use was limited to just painting the Virgin Mary. We can not touch the blue sky nor can we fill a glass with blue water, the color is illusory, it surrounds us but it is constantly out of reach. It is for this reason that color, so often, symbolically presents dreams, the sky and the unconscious mind. Noah’s series of paintings presented here refers directly to the Italian word ultramarino, which translates to beyond the sea.

Many thanks to you who helped me make this exhibition a reality. Without your help, it would not have happened. Producer, Kim Jansson Ljud, Hanna Järver Rigg, Nils Virgin, Magnus Bergqvist, Remi Pujol, Efrem Beyene, Hanna Järver, Kim Jansson, Egon Detthoff. Fabrics, Big image Thank you, Mikael Jansson Thank you to everyone who sat for the months

ABOUT the space
A house reshapes the context of modern work life and collective experiences. The dynamic fusion of large and small scale offices, and multifaceted event spaces, generates an atmosphere of constant change as people come together to meet and learn from each other.

A venue – A house offers a number of flexible spaces with amenities to fit your every need. Rent the facilities as they are or let us co-create arrangements and events of any size or shape.

A workplace – A house provides offices, a work club and social spaces, combining a brutalist interior with an easy-going vibe. A cultural den for freelancers, entrepreneurs and established companies within the fashion, media, food and music industry.

Community – Art openings, yoga classes, yard sales and house parties. Take a peek at what’s been happening recently, and find out what’s coming up next. Also, get to know some of the brilliant people in the A house community.

A heritage – Set in the former Stockholm School of Architecture, A house is embracing and revitalizing the brutalist ideas that formed this perpetually controversial landmark.

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