21.08.13-Galleri Frihamnstorget-Annorlunda exhibition PART 3/3

Galleri Frihamnstorget – Various artists – Annorlunda exhibition PART 3/3 – July 24, 2021 – Södra Hamnvägen 5, 115 41 Stockholm

ABOUT the artists
Rasmus Walldén – Photographer
Rasmus’ photographic creation is driven by curiosity about both light and angles. His sense of what is here and now in the room makes him a talented documentary photographer. Behind the warm and expressive images is a solid feeling for both model direction and lighting. In short, experimental and multifaceted.

Aline Eikelan – Digital, graphite
Aline takes us to an angular, dystopian world where we get to meet both pleasant and unpleasant strange things. The technology is graphite, digital or a mixture of both. She describes the process as a pleasant balance of brain dead and brain living. This is nuanced; art to study and think about.

Ludvig Levi – Digital
Ludvig is an illustrative artist whose main motif is animals – from chickens to dinosaurs. His art is colored by his interest in old Swedish culture and folk beliefs and he likes to breathe life into old legends and fairy tales. With childlike joy he gives new soul to the old and gives it a place in the modern room.

Nora Carlsson Barrio – Skulptur
Nora’s art is versatile; she works in image and illustration as well as design and sculpture. The common thread in Nora’s creation is her focus on storytelling. She conveys thoughts, feelings and moods and finds inspiration in things she experiences around objects, people and places in everyday life.

Greta Aben – Digital
Greta’s technology-safe art expresses a warm curiosity about people. In a simple and stylish way, she captures their main essence in their everyday environments and it becomes intimate and approachable without being revealing for that reason. Art, says Greta, is a way to broaden her thinking and senses.

Nelly Björkqvist – Photography
Nelly is passionate about human rights issues and gets an outlet for it through writing, journalism and her art. With only 2.5 years under her belt as a photographer, she is a rising star to keep an eye on. Right now she is working with the contrasts that exist in people such as masculine vs. feminine.

Maija Eriksson Kukkonen – Graphic illustration
Despite her young age, Maija can already compete with professionals in concept art. In her art we get to meet outstanding fantasy creations and impeccable technical skill. She will no doubt take the gaming industry by storm!

Moa Eriksson Kukkonen – Illustration
Moa’s fabulous and sweet art takes us far away but still close. It is cold and Nordic, but still makes the viewer warm in depth. An illustrative treat taken from old storybooks.

Rafael Wiking – Illustration, painting, sculpture
Raphael’s work expresses a playfulness and curiosity that few artists are gifted with. With a background adopted from Brazil, identity and relationships are often central, whether he works illustratively or with sculpture. Intimate and personal with the child’s mind constantly present.

Margona Saari – Illustration, painting, film
With a constant presence of depth and nuance in both acrylic and illustration, Margona portrays different moods. The style is a fine balance between the sweet and the ugly in the expressionist spirit. Her art is often met with widely differing and personal interpretations and is, to say the least, of such a touching nature.

ABOUT the exhibition
We are the art event that creates space for more people. Analog art, still photography, graphic art, sculpture, art film, lecturers and entertainers – at Annorlunda everything fits!
This is as much an art event as a love letter and a tribute to everything outside the norm. https://www.annorlundaexhibition.com/

ABOUT the gallery
An art gallery in a yellow container that has seen 40 years on the seven seas. Located at Frihamnstorget, a new plaza in Stockholm for art, crafts and events – open to your initiative.
Galleri Frihamnstorget is available to selected artists for a calendar month at a time. Artists are selected based on their proposed exhibitions submitted on our platform as well as through direct invitation. Exhibiting at Gallery Frihamnstorget is free and access to tools, machines and workspaces can be given through signing up for a one month membership to House Blivande. We currently do not take any provisions from art sold at the gallery.
We currently have an open call for exhibitions. Submit your idea. https://dreams.blivande.com/gallery/about

Galleri Frihamnstorget is a run by Blivande. We believe that participatory culture can help meet challenges in society as a whole. Blivande is a creative village in the city and a home to different independent but interdependent initiatives. We want to blur the boundaries between professional and amateur, and between artist and audience. Our house next to Frihamnstorget is a 1000 m2 large oasis of artist workshops, event spaces and offices. In 2021, we are inviting the city to Frihamnstorget for a series of art exhibitions and participatory events. Coming to Frihamstorget should feel like moving to a friendly small town – you are immediately invited to co-create and participate, without being asked to consume.

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