21.07.16-Oh La La Klara-Alex Colard

Oh La La Klara – Alex Colard – Various artworks – July 11, 2021 – Under Barnhusbron, Kungsholms strandstig barnhusbron, 112 28 Stockholm

ABOUT the artist

The grandson of French sculptor Lucien Colard, whom genetically passed on the appreciation and understanding of Art to Alex and at an early age, and taught him drawing techniques.

After Formal Art School in France, he moved to New York City in 2005, at age twenty, where he continued to study Art and Architecture. He worked there for eleven years as an architectural designer and artist, created the art department at Goldsmith-mannequins, exhibited and sold his work in the showroom, where prestigious clients like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, H&M etc… came to shop.

He moved to Stockholm in April 2017, created his business, making and selling his art. Since then he had twenty two exhibitions in galleries, restaurants, hair salons, stores, events. He collaborated with Hewlett Packard in December 2018 to print on demand at The Lobby Store, sold various types of artworks ranging from Fine Art Giclée prints, to originals, and commissions.

ABOUT the exhibition

Various artworks from the collections Présence, The Origin of Knowledge, Enūma Eliš, and Noir. See video here Oh La La Klara – Alex Colard (alexcolardart.com)

ABOUT the gallery

CAFÉNYTT STHLM: What in the world is a guinguette? Take a walk along Kungsholm’s beach and find out the answer at the newly opened Oh la la Klara.

When Salih Kamel lived in his hometown of Tours in France, he ran a guinguette on the river Loire, a kind of outdoor restaurant dating back to the 1920s. When the pandemic struck, he worked as a manager for various musicians, and when that business was shut down, the idea was born to open his own little guinguette in Stockholm. These small, simple establishments are often located along the riverbanks on the outskirts of French cities, and these were places where people went on free days to drink cheap wine, dance and listen to music. Now Salih Kamel has opened Stockholm’s first.

– The situation under the Barnhus Bridge is a bit raw and unpolished, in the same way as older guinguettes. But it is also a very beautiful place under willow trees along the water. The city of Stockholm has been very helpful in letting us develop this area, and the neighbors have received us with warmth. We want to light up the area and create a nice little stop for strollers along Kungsholms Strand.

Salih Kamel runs Oh la la Klara together with chef Louis De Caunes who grew up in Toulouse, France. In Toulouse, confit and cooked dishes are common, and this will also be a specialty at Oh la la Klara. Everything from Boeuf Bourguignon and lemon chicken to coq au vin is boiled in and then stored in jars until it’s time to serve. The jars can also be bought with you for those who want to eat a genuine French meal at home. The café will also serve pies and gratins, and the vegetables are organic and come from Järna, where Louis De Caunes now lives.

This first summer, they have chosen not to apply for a serving permit for alcohol, but no one needs to go thirsty for it. Here you will find homemade kombucha, non-alcoholic sangria, soft drinks from Törst and a range of drinks based on light beer: Demi-pêche with craft beer and peach, Monaco with beer, Sprite and raspberries, and Oh la la Beer with beer, chili, lime, lemon and a little salt. There is also coffee here, of course, and to the generously grown French pastries such as croissants and chocolate pie with macadamia nuts.

Oh la la Klara is located under the Barnhus Bridge along Kungsholm’s beach. Anyone who wants can borrow a picnic blanket and sit down a bit away, and here quizzes and music evenings will also be arranged during the summer.

Instagram: @ohlala_klara

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