21.05.14-Gallery Zest-Aleksandar Zafirowski

Gallery Zest – Aleksandar Zafirowski – Fält – April 24 to May 22, 2021 – Grevgatan 34, Östermalm.

ABOUT the artist

Aleksandar Zafirovski was born in Skopje on 6 June 1984. He graduated in 2008 and obtained his master’s degree in 2013 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, in the Department for Painting in the class of Professor Antoni Maznevski. He won a number of national and international awards for fine arts. His art is based on research of the esthetic presence of nature expressed through drawing, painting, and conceptual approach to its existence. Many Zafirovski’s artworks are a part of worldwide private collections. He has had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad. http://aleksandarzafirovski.com/

ABOUT the exhibition 


ABOUT the gallery 

The Gallery Zest is an art gallery for contemporary art managed by Tiana Selestad. In the Gallery Zest we have works of artists from North Macedonia that have been carefully selected among some of the best artists in the area. You can find a number of well-known and established artists together with some young and challenging ones, all of them very gifted. All pieces are original; sculptures are made in only one (1) copy or in series of not more than six (6) copies. These works are an excellent choice for people who want to have quality art, collectors, and those who want to bring beauty into their homes with originals that no one else possesses.

The offer that we have of artists and their works is larger than you can see in our gallery and on our site. Many of the artists are also opened for cooperation if you want a specific board or sculpture. If you have an interest in any other artist or their work, please contact us at info@gallerizest.se or visit our gallery located on Grevgatan 34 in Stockholm. If you need assistance and suggestions in finding art works just for your home we are available for home visits in the Stockholm area as well. https://gallerizest.se/

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