21.02.12-CFHill-Nigerian art scene

CFHill – Nigerian art scene – Stop listen – January 22 to February 02 2021 – Västra Trädgårdsgatan 9, Stockholm, Sweden

ABOUT the artist

Diverse, dynamic and as rich in nuances as its country is in people. The Nigerian art scene is flourishing and it is with great pleasure, CFHILL presents a meticulously curated exhibition with eighteen of the most exciting Nigerian contemporary artists of the new generation, based in Nigeria or living in the USA or Europe as part of the Nigerian diaspora. In Stop, listen! their work engages in dialogue with the observer in a vast array of expressions. While some create with strong ties to their ancestral roots, other choose to portray present-day events, reflecting both social, cultural and political aspects of Africa’s most populous country.

ABOUT the exhibition 

Matt, saturated surfaces, or a glossy finish, a sublime blend of figurative motifs with abstract elements or hyper-realism with fine detailing, accentuating each pore of the selected subject’s skin to perfection.
One of the main benefits of art exhibitions where work originating from a specific geographical region is presented, is the opportunity to highlight the varied visual expressions that creatives with the same national backgrounds may possess.

ABOUT the gallery 

CFHILL is a platform where artistic freedom is encouraged and freedom of speech is considered a basic human right, therefor we allow each individual artist to throw light on the many complexities their work intend to touch upon. If one is to name a common thread in the included artists’ practices, it is their ability to create sensational art.
Michael Elmenbeck
Michael Storåkers
Anna Karin Pusic

CFHILL’s main focus is to present quality exhibitions and artists – emerging as well as mid-career and art historical icons, creating a dialogue between the generations.
CFHILL operates as independent art advisers for private collectors as well as institutions and companies. Although independent, we cultivate relations and collaborations with several key actors in the art world.
CFHILL is first and foremost loyal to the art and therefore independent of the art world.
CFHILL also specializes in private sales, consigning art and works of art and design tailored to individual tastes and collecting aims to help clients to navigate today’s art world.
CFHILL is led by Anna-Karin Pusic, Michael Storåkers and Michael Elmenbeck. With our different backgrounds, we share a passion for art and creating maximum results.
For any further information, please contact us at info@cfhill.com https://www.cfhill.com/

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