21.01.08-City of Stockholm-Samlingsutställning

City of Stockholm – Samlingsutställning – January 2021 – Sergel torg, Stockholm, Sweden

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Presented at Sergel torg

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Live with art you love
We know that great art can make a house a home. Yet compelling works by breakthrough artists are often difficult to identify and even more challenging to secure.

 In winter 2020, many of us long to experience culture in a corona conscious manner.  Maybe you have missed visiting the museum with your grand- mother, dad, cousin, or friend?  We know we have!  From this longing, the idea for Salong Sergel was born an urban outdoor gallery by everyone, open for everyone 24/7.  

Through an open call for submissions in mid-October, we invited artists and creators from all types of artforms to create art in the storefronts of Sergels Torg.  We got an overwhelming response, more than 300 designs were submitted from all of Sweden.  The selection has been far from easy.  Our first consideration were the technical limitations set by the location, and after that we made a selection of works that we believe complement each other and the location.  Eventually we arrived at 29 artists who are represen- ted here at Salong Sergel.  

These are: André Batista, Anja Fredell, Ann Frössén, Anna Cherednikova, Anna Tedestam, April Lin #, Daniel Franzén, Evelina Rase, Hanna Böhm, Hayfaa Chalabi, Isabel Leal Bergstrand, John Molesworth, Jonas Johansson, Josefin Tingvall, Julia Rio,  Karin Söderquist, Kibandu Pello-Esso, Lena Katarina Johansson, Linnéa Teljas-Puranen, Lovisa Axén, Maria Toll, Munira Yussuf, Munish Wadhia, Pernilla Lindgren, Rana Kadry, Rebecka Stone, Sam Ahlstrand, Tova Berglund, Tuda Muda.  The art works you see here will be displayed indefinitely.  We hope you take the time to look around.  one of the displayed works makes you feel or think something in particular – please let us know!  

På Sergels torg is a location collaboration project between the City of Stockholm, local property owners, trade and industry, and civil society.  Together we create a living Sergels torg where people thrive and visit.  We do it by creating visiting places, art, culture, and activities in the public space, free for everyone and created by many.

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