20.12.04-Wetterlin Gallery-Claes Hake + Dina Isæus-Berlin

Wetterlin Gallery – Claes Hake + Dina Isæus-Berlin – November 18 to December 19 – Open Tuesday – Friday, 11 AM – 5.30 PM Saturday 12 – 4 PM  – Kungsträdgården 3, Stockholm

ABOUT the artists

For the first time in over 20 years, works from Hake’s long artistic career will be shown at a gallery in Stockholm. He is well known for his large-scale sculptures in stone, which will be shown at the gallery. Besides sculptures, varying in size, the exhibition contains drawings from several decades.

Claes Hake sculptor, and draftsman, is well known for his large-scale sculptures in stone. His monumental arcs, arches and gates can be seen in public spaces both in Sweden and abroad. His work can be divided into three periods corresponding to three different materials: plastic, bronze, and stone. Since the 1980s his focus has been stone: diabase and granite from Bohuslän, Sweden. His large sculptures in stone are powerful, raw, and precise expressing stillness, timelessness and calls to mind ancient sacred sites. Hakes paintings and drawings on the other hand, are direct, almost restless, executed with great sensibility.   

Hake was born in 1945, Gothenburg and studied art at Valand Academy of Art in Gothenburg, Sweden between 1963-68. He has exhibited widely and is one of Sweden’s most well represented artists in the public space. His large-scale sculptures can be seen in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and USA and he is represented in several museum collections among others the Modern museum in Stockholm. In 2000 Hake received the Pollock-Krasner foundation grant. Hake lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Besides being the second solo show at the gallery, this exhibition is part of Isæus-Berlin’s master’s examination from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, where she will graduate with a MFA 2021. In the exhibition The Spirit Manual, Isæus-Berlin will show three new paintings.

Dina Isæus-Berlin is a Swedish abstract painter. Her work asks questions about different types of consciousness, both intellectual but foremost spiritual and intuitive, and how various outcomes can be reached through altered states of mind.

In her compositions, the large gesture of the brushstroke appears as a figure often superimposed onto detailed, patterned grounds. The stricter fields, made in a different pace and state than the fast gestures, is juxtaposed against the flowing movements to either challenge, highlight or support them. The combination of intuitive and planned layers is a vibrant rhythm visible in the final painting. She is exploring the act of painting itself, continuously learning and unlearning the movements of the brush. By emptying the predefined conceptions of rational thought, a more truthful expression of the spirit can be brought to life. Coming from the hand of an unoccupied mind, her paintings show the marks of a body in motion. It is a practice in close conversation with Isæus-Berlins metaphysical search for the principles of how to live.

Dina Isæus-Berlin, born 1991, lives and works in Stockholm. Currently she is taking her MFA from Konstfack University of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm, where she also received her BFA in 2017. Isæus-Berlin has been exhibited at Konstnärshuset, Nicolai Wallner Gallery, Copenhagen, Liljevalchs Konsthall’s Spring Salon, and at Gerichtshöfe, Berlin with Enter Art Foundation to name a few. She has been rewarded with grants from both Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts and Swedish Arts Grants Committee, among others

ABOUT the exhibition

Paintings and sculptures

ABOUT the gallery

Wetterling Gallery is one of the leading galleries for contemporary art in Scandinavia, with a dynamic program of both highly internationally acclaimed artists, and young upcoming artists from Sweden.

Founded in 1978, we consider ourselves a long-term partner for our artists, collectors, institutions and the general public that plays a significant role for the development of the both the local and the international art scene. With a history of bringing international artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist and Frank Stella to Sweden we are today also presenting Swedish artists to the international art scene. Our vision is to provide a platform for dialogue and meetings between different forms of artistic expression, and between people.

The gallery arranges six exhibitions annually in the main space in Stockholm, and around the same number in the project space that was inaugurated in 2015, allowing the gallery program to be more dynamic. Wetterling Gallery also have a showroom in Gothenburg, where a curated selection of our collections is shown on regular basis. https://www.wetterlinggallery.com/

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