20.11.27-Gallery Eklund-Samlingsutställning

Gallery Eklund – Samlingsutställning – November 19 to December 12 – Open Tuesday to Friday 13. 00 to 18.00 – Karlavägen 15, Stockholm

ABOUT the artists

Moja Adlersson
The shape is of utmost importance in Moja Adlersson’s paintings – both the shapes and the surfaces between them are clearly delimited and clean, they attract and play with the eye. The geometric lines are meticulously drawn with the help of sharp, small brushes and tape, and in some cases can almost have a sacred appearance in their accuracy. But there is also a completely different type of surfaces and lines. Adlersson combines his interest in concrete art with influences from, for example, Henri Lauren’s and Henry Moore’s modern, boisterous sculptures. Thus, Adlersson also combines his straight lines with more playful, organic forms that wave across the canvas and interact with the nail straight in a way that is atypical of concrete art. A strong visual dynamic arises between the austere and the more free, fluid structures in the paintings; a movement and rhythm reminiscent of flowing jazz music. Likewise, the matte color surfaces in different strong colors break against each other, where earthy ocher tones as well as soft pastel colors meet black and white and bright orange, blue and pink. http://www.mojaadlersson.com/

Ann Ahlbom Sundqvist
With a upbringing on the West Coast and a constant proximity to sea and rock landscapes, starfish and algae, questions about what is in the oceans, what the oceans do for us and not least how the oceans feel, have always been close at hand for Ann Ahlbom Sundqvist. Her works are often inspired by timeless, natural forms from the diversity of the sea and the origins of humanity, so-called life forms. Molecules, seeds, jellyfish, sea urchins, mussels and corals may be sensitive and small-scale but still have incredible potential to create budding life and balanced ecosystems. In Ahlbom Sundqvist’s world of images, these essential life forms are inflated and the enlarged scale of microorganisms indicates their extensive contribution and usefulness in the oceans. http://ann.se/

Jill Höjeberg
Jill Höjeberg is a sculptor who creates abstract works, mainly in different types of marble and alabaster. She also spends a portion of the year in Carrara, Italy, to carefully select her material and carve out the basic shapes in her sculptures. Höjeberg is inspired by working in the same place where the marble is mined from the rock and the alabaster is dug up from the ground. Once at home in his studio in Stockholm, the laborious processing of the rough-hewn form begins. The design language in Höjeberg’s sculptures is minimalist and she strives to make the hard stone radiate a stripped-down energy and strength. The rounded shapes in her work give an almost elastic impression and the works seem to be stretched and stretched to the limit of the impossible. http://www.jillhojeberg.com/

Danka Jaworska
Danka Jaworska creates her works both as collage and pure painting, and mixes the figurative with the abstract. In some cases, the artist can start from an abstract expression and then add a head to the painting and connect it with existing patterns and thus create a portrait, while in other cases it is the head that is the starting point and the body then develops gradually. Women in magnificent suits are common in Jaworska’s motif sphere and they can stand or sit by themselves or in different constellations with other women or men. The restrained facial expressions and body language of the represented human figures stand in stark contrast to the dramatic color scheme of the paintings. In fact, the viewer can often barely discern personal features in Jaworska’s human figures; as their faces consist of dark, anonymous contours, it is left open who the people actually are. The narrative in each work is thus neither linked to a specific person nor overly clear, but is evident through the main characters’ subtle gestures – the tilt of the head or an outstretched hand. http://jaworska.se/

ABOUT the exhibition

A group exhibition with painting by Moja Adlersson and Danka Jaworska, as well as sculpture by Ann Ahlbom Sundqvist and Jill Höjeberg

ABOUT the gallery

As an active art gallerist in Stockholm since the late 1990’s, Margareta Eklund founded her namesake gallery in 2009. Eklund’s ambition was to spread a genuine interest in art; to inspire visitors of all ages to trust their own personal taste and explore art, as well as to purchase art.

The main focus of the gallery is to promote emerging talents and more established artists who are based in Sweden. The gallery represents a handpicked selection of artists creating eye-catching works in a wide range of media.

In 2015, Galleri Eklund moved to its current location on Karlavägen 15 in central Stockholm, where the gallery produces and presents nine exhibitions per year. The gallery also offers private viewings of its ongoing exhibitions and collection, as well as personal art consultations upon request.

Galleri Eklund has a longstanding collaboration with Peter Roxeheim, certified framer at Börje G Andersson AB, whose studio is next door to the gallery. This means that the gallery can offer custom frames of the highest quality to its customers.

For any additional inquiries, please contact Margareta Eklund at +46 70 661 75 26 or margareta[at]gallerieklund.se


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