20.11.06-Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery-Bjorn Kjelltoft

Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery – BJÖRN KJELLTOFT -UT UR PARADISET – November 14 to December 11 – Open wednesday to friday 12-18, saturday 12-16 – Cardellgatan 6 / Brahegatan, Stockholm, Sweden

ABOUT the exhibition

Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery is proud to present Björn Kjelltoft’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. There is something familiar and foreign in Björn’s pictures. I know that part of what feels familiar to me is still unknown to him, but I’m sure he would like it. He talks casually about his pictures without really explaining
them, the pictures are a language for things he does not know how to talk about. Björn himself describes his process as a hobby, or as wandering freely. He says he is no longer afraid to do nice or cute things. I think on him and I’m sure he does not in any way confuse this with that be “good”. His applications are rough but the touch is soft and the works sing. They sing persistent, skewed, and hovering about travel and transparent rooms. If snooping clouds, snuff, and elephants in operation. “See you at T” is the chorus. In Björn’s world, the mood is pleasantly varied, a high-pitched expression is glued together with the everyday. There is a clear longing away, the journey is repetitive and the target is variable. Björn 46 years. Björn has taught me to glue, he is from Gothenburg, is generous and brave. Björn is not employable and knows magic. He is vain and anti-elitist. Björn is curious.
Gothenburg 2020 / Daniel Götesson

ABOUT the artist

Björn Kjelltoft’s artistry deals with brands in relation to taste, economy and gender. He has previously appropriated, among others, Ulrica Hydman Vallien’s art glass, Josef Frank’s textiles and in the workIn Big Mouth, he designed a clothing collection for swindlers. https://bjornkjelltoft.com/

ABOUT the gallery

Right next to Humlegården, a leafy park in the very centre of Stockholm, this gallery represents a group of nine female artists. Notable among them is AK von Malmborg. The list also includes Cornelia Sojenius herself, an artist in her own right.

För mer information och bilder, vänligen kontakta galleriet
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Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery
Cardellgatan 6 / Brahegatan
http://www.corneliasojdeliusgallery.com instagram: @corneliasojdeliusgallery
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