20.07.24-Gallery Rääf-Samlingsutställning X8

Gallery Rääf – Samlingsutställning X8 – July, October, 2020 – Hornsgatan 32 – permanently closed

ABOUT the artists

Alex Colard was born in France, moved to New York when he was twenty years old, studied at Parsons and worked in the art and architecture field for eleven years. He moved to Stockholm in 2017 for love and decided it was time to be a professional artist. He focuses on acrylic, spray paint, alcohol ink artworks that represent concepts, ideas and symbols. https://linktr.ee/alexcolard

Lucie Rääf Several artists in the family inspired Lucie to dedicate her life to art. On Lucie’s mother’s side were the artist Kerstin Rääf and the architect and Ingrid Wallberg from Halland.Lucie Rääf participated in her first art exhibition, made her debut at the Autumn Salon at Halland Art Museum at the age of 17. Halmstad Gruppen’s Axel Olsson sat on the jury, among other things. Before that, she had been a student of the Skåne artists Bertil Liljebladh and Kerstin Lundberg Stenman. https://lucieraaf.se/

Anna Garberg I work with a number of different techniques to express what interests me. The shape of the horse has always fascinated me and lately it has taken up more and more space in the form of sculptures in stoneware, often or smoke or raku burnt.
I have a university degree and exhibit regularly and am happy to take orders. http://www.agarberg.com

Maria Elisabet Hall was born August 30, 1955 in Ulricehamn is a Swedish painter. Hall was educated at Öland Folk High School’s painting school 1974-1975 and Konstfack 1975-1976. She mainly paints oil but also watercolor.

Margareta Fundelius. I was born in Stockholm in 1948 but have lived in Uppsala for many years. My artistic forms of expression are graphics and painting. I like to mix different techniques and use collage when the picture so requires. I received my artistic education at Wik’s folk high school in Uppsala and at Gerlesborgsskolan in Bohuslän.I am a member of Uppsala Artists’ Club, both as an artist and administrator. http://margaretafundelius.se

Clara Lindegren I am mainly an illustrator, although I like working with paintings in acrylic and watercolor. I like to create in clay as well, but unfortunately I do not have time for that often. I am very fond of details and want things to be correct. For example, I would never be able to draw an airplane, write Boieng 747 on it and then only have two engines. Drawing animals has always been a favorite too.I have worked as an illustrator for over fifteen years and have contributed to over 20 books. Mainly Bonnier education. (Sanoma education). https://www.facebook.com/ClaraLindegrenIllustrationer/

Åsa Lindsjö The beauty of the simple fascinates me and I often find my motives among people and in architecture. I mainly paint in oil and am attracted by the tension between structures and surfaces in combination with the drawing’s thin lines.I like to work with series of paintings and often it is fragments from a beautiful everyday life that I want to create. Giving seemingly everyday situations, places and events a moment of attention and increasing their presence in them is a thought that appeals to me – to enrich life with a little everyday poetry. https://www.asalindsjo.nu/

Agneta Pihlström Konstfack Stockholm, Grafisk form/reklam , Stockholms Universitet, Art director i reklambranchen, Måleri/keramikstudier, enskilda konstnärer, Nyckelviksskolan, Folkuniversitetet. https://www.agnetapihlstrom.com

ABOUT the exhibition During the autumn of 2020, Galleri Rääf will have group exhibitions at Hornsgatan 32 in Stockholm. 8 artists exhibit original paintings, graphic sheets and sculptures. The artists Alex Colard, Anna Gärberg, Elisabet Hall, Margareta Fundelius, Clara Lindegren, Åsa Lindsjö, Agneta Pihlström and Lucie Rääf.

ABOUT the gallery Gallery Rääf is located on the art trail, Hornsgatspucklen, on Södermalm. Here you will find the most art exhibitions in all of Stockholm. Vernissages and cultural experiences along all the street’s art galleries and artisans. The unique neighborhoods between Mariatorget and Slussen have been Stockholm’s most famous cultural neighborhoods since the 1960s, with unique shops, artisans and many galleries. At Galleri Rääf, you buy art directly from the artists.Gallery Rääf has been owned and run by the artist Lucie Rääf since 2010. On her new website, Lucieraaf.se, you will find paintings and graphic sheets and have them sent home directly to you. There you can also set a time for a studio visit in her studio on Saltsjöqvarns kaj 2 or book a course in painting. https://www.galleri-raaf.se/

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