20.07.03- Konstnärshuset – Werner Janson

Konstnärshuset – Werner Janson – September 3-6, 2020 – Smålandsgatan 7 – During exhibition periods, we are open Wednesday-Saturday between 12-4pm

ABOUT the artist

Werner Janson was born in 1922 in Örkelljunga. He  studied at the Scanian School of Painting in Malmö and at Otte Sköld’s School of Painting in Stockholm in 1947 and at the Academy of Arts 1948–1953. He made several study trips to, among other places, the Netherlands, France and North Africa.

Public decorations, i.a. in hospitals such as Karolinska Hospital, St. Göran, Danderyds, Sabbatsberg hospitals, the Åkersberga residential area and others. During the period 1998-1999, Werner Janson’s pictures were shown on Gärdet’s track walls.

Represented at Moderna Museet, Helsingborg museum, Malmö museum, State collections, municipalities and county councils, etc. 

The Peggy Nerman scholarship  was awarded to Werner Janson in 2020.

ABOUT the exhibition

The Swedish Artists Association is pleased to be able to present the painter Werner Janson. His  art consists of still lifes, portraits, landscapes and non-figurative paintings in various techniques. https://konstnarshuset.org/utstallningar/werner-janson/

ABOUT the gallery

The Swedish Artists’ Association (SKF) was formed in 1890. Already then they began to dream about and plan for a common house for all Swedish artists. In 1899, the dream came true and the Artists’ House was ready.

Konstnärshuset has been a listed building since 1999. Its facade design is one of the few examples of Venetian architecture in Sweden. The building is characterized by great artistry and craftsmanship and several famous artists, craftsmen and architects have worked in and on the building. SKF owns 5/7 of the Artists’ House, while the Artists’ Club has its premises on the 2nd floor and owns 2/7.

SKF/Konstnärshuset’s main activities consist of art exhibitions, seminars, lectures and workshops. In 2020, Alida Ivanov took over as artistic director and Ashik Zaman as curator for the exhibition and program operations. SKF also conducts membership activities, renting out the house’s various premises and is responsible for the management of the Artist’s House through a property management company. Every year, SKF awards scholarships to professional artists. SKF today has approximately 800 members who are professional artists.

At Konstnärshuset, SKF works with the sale of its members’ art in the house’s Showroom.


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