20.06.19-Wetterling Gallery-Multiple artists

Wetterling Gallery Multiple artists – In search of a future to come – September 03 to October 17, 2020 – Kungsträdgården 3 , 111 47 Stockholm Sweden

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ABOUT the gallery 

Wetterling Gallery is one of the leading galleries for contemporary art in Scandinavia, with a dynamic program of both highly internationally acclaimed artists, and young upcoming artists from Sweden.

Founded in 1978, we consider ourselves a long-term partner for our artists, collectors, institutions and the general public that plays a significant role for the development of the both the local and the international art scene. With a history of bringing international artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist and Frank Stella to Sweden we are today also presenting Swedish artists to the international art scene. Our vision is to provide a platform for dialogue and meetings between different forms of artistic expression, and between people.

The gallery arranges six exhibitions annually in the main space in Stockholm, and around the same number in the project space that was inaugurated in 2015, allowing the gallery program to be more dynamic. Wetterling Gallery also have a showroom in Gothenburg, where a curated selection of our collections is shown on regular basis.

Please note that out exhibition programme is researched and developed well in advance and we are unable to accept unsolicited approches for meetings, exhibitions or projects. 

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