23.11.17- Galleri Hammar – Multiple Artists

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ABOUT the artist

Andreas Johansson
Andreas Johansson, born in 1968 in Luleå, currently lives and works both in Österlen, where light takes a central role in his paintings , and in Skellefteå, where the forests of northern Sweden draw him towards a richer color palette . His home is located high with the inland forest at its back and a view over the valley where the Kåge River flows.
Andreas has always created images, initially with a camera in his hand before switching to brushes and oil paints. For over thirty years, he has transferred his emotions onto canvases, but it wasn’t until 2020 that he chose to fully devote himself to art. Andreas primarily paints in oil or acrylic and chooses his color palette according to the winds blowing in his inner emotional landscape.

Andreas Lundberg
Andreas Lundberg is a Photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden with a studio at Mariatorget, Södermalm. With the world as his workplace, he photographs commercially, editorially, and also creates photo art. His work can be seen in advertising campaigns, magazines and books.
Andreas’ art photography is sold through exhibitions, galleries, and auctions. All artworks are sold signed in a limited edition.

Birgitta Glenmark
Her painting is abstract. Colorful acrylic paintings on canvas. Color and shape. Layers upon layers. Light and darkness. Thin, transparent fields of color that spread across the canvas. Paintings that seek their own path on the wet surface. Acrylic on canvas where the brush, the scraper, seeks its own journey.
The paintings are created through her tools. It could be scrapers, brushes, hands. Previous layers determine the shape of the next expression.
Birgitta Glenmark (1957) lives and works in Stockholm. A self-taught artist. Alongside her artistic practice, Birgitta works as a hand surgeon.

Chris Springfeldt
“My works speak from my inner self.
My inner that has been torn by the pulse of the city. Torn to pieces by the demands of life and the desire to be present and the longing for something else.
An inner that has burst and survived.
An inner that repairs itself.
With color.
My melting emotions.
When I paint there is no right or wrong.
What has already happened can never be undone – only processed, perhaps repaired, and hopefully lead to something good in the end.
I welcome my feelings and explore them by creating art.”

Emilia Lindberg
Emilia Lindberg is a contemporary artist from Stockholm who is passionate about becoming a force of nature within the art world and making sure her name will be remembered. That is something she is willing to fight for, and she believes that with a great amount of passion you can make any dream come true.
Her art mainly features women drawn from imagination and women who have inspired her in life in some way. As a young girl her father often brought her to his job at the Royal Opera where she spent her time dreaming about the vibrant people, fantastic clothes and amazing art. Dreams that later became real in her paintings.

Emma Malm
Emma Malm is a 35-year-old contemporary artist known for her colorful modern portraits and animals inspired by the human beauty, different techniques, life itself and colors. She is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but have also lived and painted in London.
Art has been a great part of Emma’s life as long as she can remember. She has tried many different styles and methods. Right now she prefers to work with acrylics, larger canvases, colorful themes and a lot of metallic leaves. She chooses subjects who are delicate and attractive, yet energetic and resolute. She is mostly working with a spatula to get away from the detailed image.

Frank Olsson
Frank Olsson is a Swedish sculptor and painter based in Dalarö, where he also has his workshop in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. In his workshop, visitors can observe the process from raw clay to finished sculptures in stoneware, concrete, bronze, and aluminum.
Olsson’s first exhibition was in Stockholm in 1978, and since then he has had numerous exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad. Today, over 40 years later, his works can be found in several institutions and private collections around the world.

Gunnar Haller
Gunnar Haller’s artistic journey began with a fascination for geometric shapes, infusing them with vibrant colors and a focus on straight lines.
In the late 1970s, encountering abstract art in Paris, he was deeply inspired by Vassily Kandinsky’s immense paintings, leading to a lifelong commitment to abstract art.
His art revolves around geometric forms, meticulously arranged to convey the joy of creating new paintings.
Since 1980, Gunnar has dedicated himself to an ongoing series of acrylic abstract paintings on paper, carefully sketched and rendered with acrylic paint and delicate sable brushes.

Jimmy Ralsmark
Jimmy Ralsmark creates emotional abstract paintings informed by his passion for color and dramatic composition. His paintings are created intuitively but are the result of a meticulous work process. The process is revealed through gestural brushstrokes and acrylic washes, creating depth and richness as the layers build. Subtle marks with charcoal are later embedded in the paint to guide the eye and balance the composition.
Every stroke and color choice is informed consciously and unconsciously, leaving room for chance but also for corrections until the final finished artwork has evolved as a balanced composition of color, value and texture.

Karin Holmström
“An artwork should evoke emotions,” says Karin. She explores in her creative work, exploring what it means to be human in our world. The motifs are about human strength, daring, and trust, and she is inspired by wild animals and a love to preserve them after she was an exchange student and visited Kruger Park in South Africa.
Karin is constantly evolving and doesn’t stop until the feeling is there. The motifs shift depending on the focus and the environment. It is rather the colors, impulses, the direct feeling, and the power that you recognize Karin’s style by. Thanks to the many layers of colors, a sculpting painting where the colors are worked together, they never become intrusive but leave a harmonious yet strong expression.

Lennart Olausson
Lennart Olausson was born in Stockholm in 1944 and is one of Sweden’s most prominent artists, with a long list of distinguished commissions and prestigious exhibitions since the beginning of his artistic career in the 1960s.
He has been represented at Nationalmuseum – Sweden’s premier museum of art and design, as well as Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the National Public Art Council in Sweden, among others, and has received several grants and scholarships. He has also been featured in books and magazines and has created several public art installations over the years.

Linda Brodin
Linda Brodin has always been interested in imagery and design, cherishing the act of creation. Using sponges and acrylics, she creates paintings that resonate, embracing how viewers can discover various emotions within her works.
Linda’s paintings are characterized by earthy tones and deep skies, and recently, abstract landscapes as well. The subject and emotion reside in the eyes of the beholder. Linda aims to convey a touch of emotion and to inspire harmony within her creations.

Mathias Frykholm
Mathias loves capturing the beauty of the world in a hyper realistic style in his paintings. As a full-time artist, he caters to individuals, businesses, and public spaces. He sells his art through both exhibitions and commissions.
With a burning passion and strong interest, he has learned most of what he knows about painting. He often finds inspiration for his paintings in the surroundings of Värmland, but he never knows when a potential motif might present itself. Therefore, he always keeps his camera close by to quickly capture a moment that could inspire a painting. And there’s such a wealth of inspiration to be found in Värmland, it’s beautiful and magnificent!

Matilda Bengtsson
Swedish sculptor Matilda Bengtsson works with metal wire and draws her inspiration from nature. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of meters of wire are wound, shaped, and sculpted into various living natural motifs.
Matilda is mainly known for her trees, twisted by hand and each with its unique character. The size varies from 3 cm to up to 80 cm in height. She primarily makes oak trees, but other kinds of trees and animals also appear in her creations.
The material varies, but mostly black iron wire is used. With its rugged, lifelike shade, it creates a sharp, yet vibrant contrast in our often bright Nordic homes.

Mimi Hammar
Mimmi Hammar is a contemporary artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Interior and design have always played a significant role in Mimmi’s life, which she channels into the minimalistic language of her art . Her work is characterized by subtle colors, clean lines, and modern designs.
With a keen awareness of shapes, colors, and the energy in her surroundings, Mimmi knew early on that she wanted to work in the creative field. Inspired by her husband, Tomas Hammar, she embarked on her art career in 2019 and is now a full-time artist in addition to her role as a Gallery Director at Galleri Hammar.

Robin Ahlgren
Robin Ahlgren is an artist and interior architect based in Stockholm, Sweden. Inspired by his grandfather, a renowned artist in his hometown, Robin developed a deep passion for art early in his life.
At the age of 21, Robin moved to Paris to delve deeper into the realms of art and architecture while immersing himself in the study of French. After spending six months in France, he relocated to Marbella, Spain, to pursue a degree in interior architecture. Currently, Robin resides in Stockholm, where he creates his art while concurrently working as an interior architect.

Thomas Hammar
Tomas Hammar is an abstract and figurative painter from Stockholm, Sweden who finds inspiration throughout the daily random encounters and the own voice and expression of the creation process. His ambition is to achieve balance between color, luminosity and mathematical distance, but also to break it to create that beautiful contrast between harmony and chaos.
Tomas has exhibited both in Sweden and Europe and his work has been sold to more than 30 countries around the world in 5 different continents.

Tove Tengå
Tove Tengå was born in 1984 and is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Clay is her primary material, and she experiments with finding her own techniques to work with. Graphical design, illustrations, and patterns are her inspirations, and she looks for harmony, her own language, or feeling. Her work is primarily abstract, which the viewer can interpret freely, but it has a deeper meaning when you look closer.
She has made the sculpture The Knot since 2016, in different sizes, colors, and patterns. It has become her signature sculpture. The knot symbolizes the strong bonds we have in relationships. It can be relations between a mother and a son, the relation between a country or religion, but also to our origin; nature. Bonds that are very hard to break.

ABOUT the exhibition


ABOUT the gallery

Galleri Hammar was founded in 2023 by the artist couple Tomas and Mimmi Hammar, who for a long time shared a dream of owning their own gallery where they could sell their art together.

The idea of ​​establishing an art gallery in Vasastan was born back in 2017 when Tomas was at the beginning of his artistic journey. After the impact of the pandemic, the goal became even clearer. In May 2023, Galleri Hammar opened its doors at Rörstrandsgatan 28 and currently represents around 20 artists and sculptors.

At Galleri Hammar, we offer a wide variety of Scandinavian art from both established artists and new talents whose work touches, challenges and inspires. Our vision is to foster an innovative, inclusive, non-conventional and accessible space for artists and customers alike. We constantly strive to offer a unique, modern and relaxed environment where exciting meetings, interesting conversations and long-lasting relationships contribute to a sense of community for all visitors.

Before Tomas and Mimmi started their artistic careers, Tomas devoted himself to photography and TV production for over 20 years, while Mimmi worked in HR for almost 10 years. Their varied backgrounds have been of great benefit in the joint journey they have taken as self-employed people and are often reflected in their roles as both artists and gallerists.

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