Discover my Renaissance Exhibition at Saxess, Birger Jarlsgatan 111, Stockholm

Renaissance is about re-birth, it is about the inner spirit conquering the darkness. In his previous exhibition called Abstract Personalities, he represented different emotions depending on the moment, and geometrical structures were imposed on the self, like a sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. Now that these have been assimilated, it is about shining through.

His technique has evolved due to another transitional exhibition called Présence, where he focused on leaving a mark, leaving a trace, in time and space. During the creation of these black and white artworks, he decided to use a hand carved piece of wood with dents, as a brush, to apply the paint. This method symbolises a more solid way to manoeuvre time, due to the circular layers of wood seen in a sliced tronc. He substracts triangles in the instrument to create stripes of paint when he applied it to the canvas to fortify the texture. In his artworks, he wants the spectator to be present, to experience the timeless moment; in order to do that, his movements are very intuitive, as if sent from …

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